Victoria’s Secret Spa : Body Wash, Scrub, Lotion Review

Victoria’s Secret spa : Moisturising Body Wash, Smoothing Body Scrub and Pampering Body Lotion Review

And a victoria’s secret lipstick case 😀

:pompom: I am so happy to tell you ladies about this fabulous product from VS which I am totally loving these days. My at home spa :toothygrin: I donno how many of use follow this three step regime for our body as well like the wash scrub n moisturise post. Personally I get very lazy to do that but this spa kit that I have is like my solution and a quick fix to getting super skin specially when I need it. On other occasion I can be lazy :silly:

Victoria's Secret Body Skin Care

Victoria’s secret spa comprises of three steps for the body skin that is a superb body wash which leaves skin super moisturised, a perfect body scrub which is so essential once a week in my opinion and a fresh smelling body lotion to finish it off! The tubes are a pretty blue color. I don’t have words to admire this kit as its so true to the claims and to top it all it has a heavenly fragrance .the flip cap makes life easier .the size of each tube is probably like our regular face wash size.

The moisturising body wash:

Victoria's secret moisturising body wash:

“The secret to super model skin : Gently cleanses to leave skin sexier looking and silkier feeling than ever before”

I need a very small amount of this on the loofah and it lathers up brilliantly to leave my skin clean and sparkling.its a creamy white wash which smells like a floral citrus perfume which I personally love . the bathroom is filled with the fragrance post use and it lasts for quite a while on the skin too. loving it totally and it really leaves the skin touchably soft.

The smoothing body scrub:

The smoothing body scrub:

“the secret to super model skin:the ultra luxurious body scrub gently exfoliates and nourishes. You’ll revel in the radiant results all day long”

This one is a coarse citrus smelling yellow scrub which is not at all harsh on the body.the granules are so gentle and vanish into the skin post massage . It leaves skin really clearer and softer. Cant get enough of this scrub . i don’t have many body scrubs but this one is my favourite. It smells almost like a fruity floral perfume and lasts too for quite a while

The moisturising body lotion:

The moisturising body lotion:

“secret to super model skin: immerses your body into 24 hour moisturisation all day sex appeal”

It’s a light fragrant and light textured body lotion and a perfect finish to the body wash and scrub before this.i find it water based and light enough for normal skin just what I want and gets absorbed fast enough . there is no greasy after feel to it and it a little to fragrant for me considering it lasts for an hour or so. The fragrance is citrus thankfully . but I love this one too only that I would go easy on it due to the fragrance.

The pouch:

victoria's secret spa review
More than everything , I was loving how I got a transparent pouch to dump my make up into when I go out . I doubt it will carry everything I want but still I love such free things :spank: ont laugh I am just being honest

The pouch that I looted from my mom:

Pink Pouch by Victoria's secret

Pink Pouch by Victoria's secret



Mom had a victoria’s secret lipstick pouch and I got it from her :woot:

Not that I carry one single lippy in my purse but I am still carzy for the cases and pouches of the like. It’s a pretty pink and white case to carry your lippy and in times of emergency when you cant find your lipstick in your dumb bag (this always happens when my mobile and my house keys too :/

Rating: 4.5 on 5

Last word: I am equally excited about the pouch and the lippy case as much I am about the spa wash scrub and lotion :toothygrin: awesome products to have !

:thankyou: mom! :toothygrin:

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39 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Spa : Body Wash, Scrub, Lotion Review

  1. neha it’s an awesome product sachhi. I am also quite lazy to do all the three steps but some recent stretch marks forced me me moisturize my skin every single day. Learnt it the hard way uy I hope I can prevent more marks in future. But I do feel that my skin has got better with regular moisturization.. no complaints :tongue:

    I like the pink pouch a lot. cant see much use of it bt is so cute. :teddy: :teddy:

  2. tat sounds like indulgence!!! :thumbsup:
    am quite the fan of their lingerie – but just one cream and i loved it! :toothygrin:

  3. Moms are so adorable no…. :heart: :heart: both the pouches look great and the products look promising too… haven’t seen this around but ?:)

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