Steal Lauren Conrad’s Style

Steal Lauren Conrad’s Style

Hi Ladies!

How many of you all have watched and loved the Hills? Well I have watched it every episode of, no, not for its cheesy story lines, but solely for Lauren Conrad’s style. To sum up Lauren Conrad’s style, I would call it classic feminine. She has her key pieces and plays with them to create a perfect outfit. So to achieve her look, be sure to add these essential pieces in your wardrobe.

Steal Lauren Conrads Style

1. Dresses

Lauren loves her dresses, and why not? Born and raised in sunny California, it seems as though it is sort of her birthright. Lauren loves wearing dresses, her style as I mentioned above is very feminine and chic. She seems to adorn short floral dresses with A line cuts during the day or prefers wearing maxi dresses too, with slightly low necks or deep backs for that sexy, flirty look. During the night she prefers to wear short dresses, she has lovely toned legs and likes to flaunt them with her body con dresses and looks absolutely stunning.

Incorporate this into your wardrobe super easily, buy some A line dresses and skirts, don’t be too shy to show your legs a bit. Go for pieces that have feminine touches to them, lace, low backs, chiffon flowy dresses are a must for this style. Also, try leaning towards pastel colours, taupes, and neutrals for dresses during the day. If you are a woman of colour and vibrance, try feminine colours, pinks, yellows, corals are an excellent choice. For the night, you could try sequinned dresses, to add a bit of glitz to your outfit! Or try materials that have a touch of satin to them. Lauren loves wearing neutral colours, she likes sticking to her blacks for the nights. Not only does this create a slim silhouette, but it demonstrates class and lady like persona, for which she is so famous for.

2. Chiffon Shirts

Another staple piece you would see in Lauren’s wadrobe, she likes wearing dressy chiffon shirts and usually pairs them with a pair of jeans during the day or plays her outfit up by wearing leather leggings/pants during the night and intense, sensuous makeup to complete her look. I feel as though, I have never seen Lauren wearing too much jewellery and her clothes say it all. Try focusing on the print of your shirts, try wearing blouses with prints! Polka dots, florals, lace and girly patterns. For single coloured shirts, Lauren likes wearing army greens, denim shirts, taupes and a lot of whites.

Steal Lauren ConradsStyle

3. Jeans

As feminine as her style is, I am not surprised to see her jeans style. You will rarely see Lauren wearing boyfriend jeans, she loves to wear her skinny jeans and makes them look absolutely chic. She prefers wearing darker colours, her jeans are usually leaning on colours like blacks, dark blues and dark indigos. On a rare occasion she is also seen wearing coloured jeans. But she balances her outfit extremely well, while styling these she likes to go for a very basic piece on top and leans on whites mostly!

4. Blazers

Blazers are a MUST MUST MUST, if you want to steal Lauren’s style. I have read many of her interviews, where I have seen her totally raving about her blazers. Her style of choice for Blazers is undoubtedly the Boyfriend Blazer! So ladies, if you are after her style, keep a blazer stashed in your closet definitely. She is mostly seen wearing black blazers, and the occasional neutral coloured blazers (either in black or neutral). Apart from photo shoots I have never seen wear bright coloured blazers! So I am guessing for her personal choice, a basic coloured blazer is the perfect choice. Not only does it give you a polished and sophisticated look, you can pair these with so many different outfits and are able to create completely new looks through these.

StealLauren Conrads Style

Overall, I would say Lauren’s style is pretty simple, feminine and minimalist. You don’t really need a lot of effort to achieve her look. She is rarely seen wearing over the top outfits, over the years her style has definitely matured a lot and she has learned to carry this simple chic style really well. She does not accessorise much, except for simple gold rings, and dainty necklaces. As for her bags, she loves her Chanel’s! She prefers to carry neutral coloured bags, during the days she prefers carrying a tote and during the night she is all about the Classic Chanel Flap bag. She has different variations of the same!

So Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed this post. Grab these key essentials, if you don’t already own them and be pretty while being simple!

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  1. Wow..loved every bit of this post. What great analysis!! Please please do a series of such posts! Would be great to include a OOTD of yourself stealing the style at the end of each post if you r comfortable. 🙂

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