How to Store Your Winter Clothes

store winter clothes

Store your winter clothes

Winters have already vanished, the temperatures are rising fast. All of us have already got busy with summer hauls 😛 It’s time to replace our coats, sweaters and shawls with kurtas, strolls and linen. 🙂

So obviously you need to pack up all your winter clothing. This article shall help you to pack up and store your clothes in a better way. 🙂

I usually tossed all the winter wear in a plastic bag and pushed it in the lower shelf of the wardrobe due to which I always got nasty surprises the next winter with spoilt my sweaters and woolen wear, but my Mum does it in a better way. I adopted my mum’s way now. 🙂

Now here are some quick easy tips to store and preserve your winter wear in a certainly nice and safe way. 🙂

• The first thing to do while storing back any of your seasonal clothes is to clean the storage place or area. Be it your cupboards or suitcases. Vacuum and clean the area properly from spider webs, molds and dust.

• The next important thing is to clean them thoroughly. You possibly cannot store them dirty and stained. This will also prevent cockroaches and ants and various other insects from dwelling in your clothes.

store winter clothes• I usually tend to get confused with what material boxes or containers should be used to store these seasonal clothes. I usually end up putting them in plastic bags and then placing them in plastic containers or throwing them in suitcases after packaging them in plastics. I have a suspicion that cardboard boxes do attract bugs and bites. The only precaution which is required here is to have clean boxes/containers to stack up your seasonal wears. Also ensure that you line your containers or suitcases with tissues which are non-acidic. You can use fine fabric too to line your containers.

• Mothballs are great for keeping the bugs away. But then be careful if you have children at home, children are instantly attracted to mothballs. 🙂

• I remember I used to hang my woolen scarves and sweaters in my wardrobe, and then pack them up in those “blazer wraps” and when I got them out the next winter I found the sweaters misshapen and kind of “long”. So never ever hang your sweaters and woolen wear and store them, fold them neatly and then stack them up. Remember, to put the heaviest item at the bottom of the stack. 🙂

store winter clothes• Fold your sweaters and warmers, and roll the strolls and scarves before packing and storing them. This will keep the seasonal wears in shape. 🙂

• You can opt for fabric instead of plastic too, fabric allows the woolen wear to breathe, and let’s air pass through it. 🙂 Fabric prevents development of mold, bugs and dew. If you are planning to store the seasonal clothing in fabric bags, then wash them before setting them for storage. You can use a disinfectant cleaner to wash and clean these fabric bags.

• Sort your clothing. As in do not pack up strolls with sweaters, or mismatched clothes this may cause your damage to your clothing. Put the scarves and strolls together in one box, caps in another, and sweaters and pullovers in a separate box. Label the containers for quick access. I love doing this step personally. 🙂

• Remember the 2 “C’s” and the 2 “D’s” for the storage area you should have for storing seasonal wear. Cool and clean. Dark and dry. Prevent hot places and areas near hot places for storing your seasonal clothing. Avoid, storing your seasonal clothing in the cupboards which are inbuilt in the walls, walls may leak or cause wetness.

• Don’t you want your seasonal clothing to smell good, next year when you open them? So get some rosemary, lavender or cedar sachets and put them in your storage containers. You can also put sachets of neem and tulsi leaves to keep the insects away. 🙂

I hope these tips help you in maintaining and storing your winter clothing in a better way.

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18 thoughts on “How to Store Your Winter Clothes

  1. great articel & comes at just the right time. I store my wollens in special square bags with zippers. they are made of plastci with a foam lining. I hate putting mothballs coz the smell is so irritating. I’ll use the neem sachets aa suggested. Great idea. Al;so the satches with nice smelling flowers sound good 🙂

  2. Great tips Zeeba…….I can’t really believe how short the winter season was :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

  3. Great article Zeeba. I think I’ll put the scented packets this year in my winter clothing. I mostly pack all my clothes in the paper carry bags. cover the tops with news papers and put the bags in the empty suit cases. This way I can save some space and use it for other purposes.

    Thank god winter is gone! :sweat:

  4. I don’t have winter clothings as many here in Mumbai. We don’t need it here :((
    But I will take some tips to keep my winter clothes safe at Delhi home. THanx for lovely tips Zeeba :-*

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