Streax Pro Hair Spa Review

Hello beauties,

I had been paying more attention to my face these past few days and there are times when I do not pay attention to my hair because either they are braided or tied up in a bun.  I am having my hair mostly in a bun these days and the elastic bands have made my hair brittle. Hence, I thought of undergoing a spa treatment. That’s when I picked up this Streax honey hair spa.  More details follows 🙂

Streax Pro Hair Spa

Rs. 135 for 125 gm.

Product Description:
The richness of Vitamin E revitalizes dry hair, reduces static charge and maintains the volume of hair. Gives your hair a beautiful natural shine. Comes with the goodness of honey.

Streax Pro Hair Spa

My Experience with Streax Pro Hair Spa:

I picked this up because I was so bored of my usual hair spas. This one comes in a packet with a small cap at the upper right side which is very convenient. The packaging is quite convenient. The quantity is pretty good which can be used for 5-6 times, and I was amazed. It has some ingredients like honey and vitamin E which are very good for the hair. I normally use it after shampoo instead of a conditioner. This surely does much more than a conditioner.

Streax Pro Hair Spa

This hair spa is white in color, the consistency isn’t that thick. I wish it was a little thicker so that I did not have to put dollops and dollops of hair spa on my hair to get a proper thick layer. The fragrance is really nice and a mild one at that. It does not stay for long after you rinse your hair.

Streax Pro Hair Spa

I keep it around for 3-5 minutes since it does work in that time. It detangles my hair because when I run my fingers through them, there were no kinks. My hair feels smooth even while I was rinsing. It takes a while to get it off the hair because you need to wash vigorously to remove the product completely from the hair.

Streax Pro Hair Spa

My hair felt very smooth and silky, and looked glossy and had a natural shine as claimed. There were no knots in my hair. They looked more manageable and I did not feel the need to use a serum. Yes, it made my hair look better, but did nothing extraordinary.

I consider it as a good weekly treatment, but do not expect super good results. But it does what it claims, so I am happy with it. I have never seen such a budget-friendly hair spa that actually works.

Pros of Streax Pro Hair Spa:

  • Super affordable, available in different sizes.
  • Easily available online as well as in stores.
  • Enriched with ingredients like honey and vitamin E, considered very good for the hair.
  • Consistency is good.
  • Detangles hair.
  • Smooths out hair very well, does more than a conditioner.
  • Makes hair soft and glossy.
  • Makes the tresses more manageable.

Cons of Streax Pro Hair Spa:

  • I have used better hair products than this hair spa.
  • Does not do anything extraordinary for the hair.
  • Does not control frizz.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Streax Pro Hair Spa?

Yes, I will. If you are looking for a spa treatment at home at a cost effective rate, then there is no better option than this.

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    1. Thank you soooo much Neha 🙂 🙂 yes it goes the same with me.. the egg mask works even better than this.. 🙂 but a decent one to try 🙂

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