Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel-Review

Nail PolishI am here today to confess. My name is Mrunmayee and I AM AN IMPULSIVE BUYER.

I have a hell lot of products that I have bought on a whim and they do nothing except cluttering my closet. Many of them are nail enamels.

I have used nail colors forever. I have bought all the routine ones like Lakmé, Revlon, Colorbar, and even many local brands that are not worth mentioning. Now I have a very bad habit of buying colors that the SA suggests. Then I come home and I don’t like them and I chuck them in the dresser drawer. Moreover, I get very impatient, if the consistency of the nail polish changes. So I won’t bother thinning them, I’ll throw them out!!

Moral of the story; I have wasted a lot of money on the many nail colors I have used. So here comes the one line review for Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamels- They are dirt cheap!!!

I love Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel because-

  • They are very affordable. Rs. 45/- per bottle. Contains 5 ml of product. So I can be as whimsical as I want to be.
  • One bottle will last you for 5-6 manicures.
  • They come in a small bottle, so I generally finish them before the consistency changes.
  • Their colour palette is huge. I can get as many shades as I want.
  • I have never yet failed to find a shade “matching” to any of my outfits.
  • They have many mattes. Lakme is full of shimmer. Colorbar is good but they have a bigger bottle and are definitely costlier.
  • Their quality is real nice. I have never come across broken polish, uneven brushes or crappy packaging.
  • Their brush is good. Never had any complaints with it.
  • I don’t like to spend much time in applying the polish. I get very impatient. These dry real quickly. I mean I can start the double coat as soon as I finish with the last pinkie.
  • I generally go from one shade to another. I don’t like to repeat a shade. Only because there are so many shades I am yet to try. They always have something new on every visit of mine.
  • They have all these subtle, summery, breezy tones and also the bold greens and blues!!
  • They do not dry my nails.
  • They come off easily.
  • They are the most easily available lot. I even found them in a kirana store across the street!! I pick them up every time I go there to buy Maggi and stuff!!! LOL!!!
  • I am in a bridal mode right now, so I bought these two Reds- Hot red for my hands and Bridal Red for my feet.

Street Wear NAil Color Review

  • The left one is Hot Red and the right one is Bridal Red.
  • Both these Reds are matte and have a nice and glossy finish.
  • I am wearing these colours since last four days. And they have not yet chipped, faded or turned powdery.
  • They are great for Nail Art. They are thin in consistency so easily make lines and dots.
  • Here is the Hot red on my hands-

Street Wear NAil Color Review

  • It is very glossy. The colour matches my engagement sari border exactly… Yay!!!
  • Here is the Bridal red on my feet-

Street Wear NAil Color Review

Although I mostly buy Street wear Nail Colors, there are some things that bother me.

  • The colour pay-off is disappointing. I have to apply at least two-three coats to get the colour right.
  • It chips easily without a top coat. As I never wear nail colors without top coat anyway. I am fine with it.
  • I never found Street wear’s top coat or base coat. I don’t know if they make it or not. I have one from Lakmé.
  • Their white is streaky. It destroyed my attempts at French Manicure. Colorbar’s white is great.

Other than this I really don’t mind the nail colors at all. They let me play with colors as much as I want.
This is a brand which is great for college girls. It is affordable, has fun colors and good quality.
I didn’t like their nail polish remover though.

Here are some quick tips I always find useful while applying nail polish-

  • Store the nail colors in fridge. The consistency will not change. Heat causes the alcohol in it to evaporate which causes thickening of nail polish.
  • Always use a base coat and top coat. Not only the color lasts longer, drying of nails is also prevented.
  • If your nails are turning yellowish due to excessive use of nail colors, soak them in a cup of warm water and 1 tb sp vinegar.
  • File your nails in one direction only. Nails are made up of densely packed fibres. Excessive filing can loosen them up. Thus, weakening your nails.
  • Always use a cuticle cream or even hands cream before applying and after removing nail polish.

My rating:  :star: :star: :star: +  :star: for price = :star: :star: :star: :star:

Which is your favorite Nail polish brand???

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25 thoughts on “Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel-Review

  1. I’m loving Revlon nowadays..Yet to try Colorbar..

    Revlon costs almost 1.2 times the price of Streetwear, but then again the quantity is also double and kinda justifies the price.

    I totally agree on the colour payoff and the chipping part..Remember?? I did not post a Nail Style this week..Just because I was wearing this Icy Blue from Streetwear and I had to use 4 coats to get a decent shade..

    1. I know Poornima… But adding a top coat really increases their life… 🙂

      Color pay off corresponds to price…

  2. Doesn’t your revlon nail paint chip, Poornima. I bought one bottle many months back and it used to chip a lot. Juat want to know frm you coz may be they have upgraded the quality.

    I used to buy these tiny bottles of colorbar, and Elle 18 some 4-5 years ago. My mom still buys it , they toally justfy the price. I love reds, M. bridal or no bridal. 😀

    1. I loved Elle 18… I love cheap nail polishes… So I can stock up as much as i want.. I mean a Colorbar/lakme/Revlon nail polish = 2-3 Streetwear ones!!! :drool: :drool:

  3. Oh..I forgot to add that Rati..They do chip..the very next day it chipped..whereas my Revlon and Maybelline Colorama give atleast 4 to 5 days..even with some utensil washing and such detergent involved jobs.

    Me used to love Elle 18 while in college..But do they still have that brand now?

    1. They do have that brand but it is not easily available. I like the quality of Lotus nail paints better than the Colorbar ones but since colorbar has such a huge range of colours, I end up picking those up most of the time. I am such a sucker for all things pretty. 😛

  4. M beautuiful shades… me too love Red.. my fave Red was one from Lakme.. it is the most gorgeous Red ever do try it.. i wore it almost for 2 yrs straight yes when the Kareena red nails were very in..!!!

    I want these now..!! where can i find streetwear in delhi..?? Also has anyone seen any nail paints in the pastel shades that are so in this season.. like lime gren, lilac, bublegum pink types…??? If yes please do tell me in what brand can i get these shades..!!!

    Rati.. Lotus nailpaints are on my list ever since you did a post on them.. will buy them soon..!!!

    1. Priyanka you would get street weat at small cosmetic shps in m block market. And you would get all the shades you mentioned at colorbar. 🙂

      I have seen that red and found it very pretty. I never bought it coz it was Lakme. 🙁 Now I will. I anyway had to buy one red nail paint for myself coz I gifted my red one to mum. She loves it. 🙂

    2. Kareena Red nails???? Can’t remember…

      I had a really bad habit of chewing nails.. :silly: :silly: I got over it only b’coz of my love for nail colors.. :blush: :blush:

      1. Oh really dint you notice.. she brought back the red nails craze actually… wherever she went she used to be wearing bright red on her nails for such a long long time..!!

        Thank god i dont have this habit… i’ve heard its really difficult to resist..@!! Hey you must do a post on all your nail paints collection would love love love to see it..!!!

  5. lol i was gona do my 1st review on them coz mine dont chip at alll 😐 i love them alot i keep buying them coz they r worth the price

  6. I started using Street Wear last few months and i really liked it..
    I used Revlon and Lakme.. I did not Like Revlon coz the next day it chipped.. Quality of Lakme was not too good and very costly !!!

    I am not sure about colorbar and Maybelline.I am going to try it now.

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