Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel Rosy Glow Review


Hi guys! How are you doing? I am so happy monsoon is almost here and we can finally get away from the scorching sun.

Talking about summers, I bought a huge amount of stuff (read clothes, shoes, bags,makeup :D) for summers, this nail paint was bought when I was in search of a nice summery-day nail paint .

I have never tried streetwear nail paints before. I don’t know why streetwear could never really get my attention but this time when I went on the streewear counter, trust me there was not even one shade that I didn’t like. I picked up 5 shades all in all and this shade is my favourite (which is the only one left with me,all the others were raided off )

street wear color rich
street wear color rich


Price: around 50 INR
Ingredients: No mention what so ever

street wear
street wear

The one thing which was very disappointing about it was the color pay off, even after 2 coats it wasn’t opaque, after 3 coats it became a little acceptable and after which I didn’t even try to do other coat because I was already bored of painting my nails way too many times.
About the chipping part, I have never blamed a nail paint of chipping because I behave inhuman with my nails, even the best of the nail paints can not remain not chipped for more than 24 hours on my nails :balle:

Elle 18 color bomb nail paints are nearly of the same price and I think I like the street wear ones more than those, yes Elle 18 has a better color pay off, you don’t need to put more than 2 coats but with the streaked brush and that round bottle you end up using the same amount of the nail polish. Plus the finish of the streetwear nail paints is more better and shinier =)

rosey glow
rosey glow

The Good about Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel Rosy Glow:
• Pretty shade collection
• Very cheap,1 colorbar/Revlon nail paint = 3 streetwear ones
• Dried pretty fast
• I liked the brush a lot, it doesn’t streak at all!

street wear nails
street wear nails

The Bad Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel Rosy Glow:
• very bad color pay off, it’s a big pain to make the nail paint opaque
• The quantity is less, once I fall in love with a shade I like to wear it every other day till I get bored of it and I feel it will get over before I get bored of it
• Streetwear isn’t easily available where I live

My verdict : I think it’s a pretty good nail paint for that price, I am definitely going to buy more shares in it and I am definitely recommending these nail paints if you plan to get tons of nail paints altogether
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28 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel Rosy Glow Review

    1. I had only used streetwear kajal before this,I think I am going to pick up their glosses too :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  1. I have the one in red..dats d only red I have..wanted to try…but u knw it stains nails..and d color was nt ready to budge those red stains :yikes: :yikes: :yuck:

    1. This one didnt stain at know Bhumika I feel all the red nail paints,no matter what company they belong to,they always stain :X-P: :X-P: :X-P:
      Try using a base coat before painting them,it works for me :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  2. reteekaa -> huge shopping :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

    i actually dont remem if i have tried street wear nail paints or not but these are quite easily available around here. I like this shade. it reminds me of some shade from lotus nail paints. i dont seem to remem the name now. 😐

    1. It gets difficult for me to store nail paints,so I dnt get those huge bottles. My heart aches so much when I see costly nail paints drying :haanji: :haanji:

  3. I love love looooove street wear nailpaints.. :love: but these new ones are so tiny!!! purne wale toh itne bade bade hua karte the!!! grrr… :spank:

    1. But then the price is also less sireesha,its one and the same thing I feels 😀 😀
      I saw this similar shade in elle 18 too but I dnt like the matki time bottle 😛

  4. I have this one Ritika & I love the color :yes:
    @ Siri bade wale bhi hain aur small wale bhi hain from Streetwear, both of these are available :yes:

      1. I also didnt know that Uzma,I thought the bigger ones were actually the old manufactured ones so I didnt even look at them :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

  5. I absolutely LOVE these kind of shades! I have 2 nail paints from streetwear in a different packaging- flat rectangular ones which are priced at around Rs 75..they are quite good quality-wise. Thanks fr reviewing..will check out this shade! 😀

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