Street Wear Stay On Eye Shadow – Review

Frankly, I like only a few products by Street Wear. Initially I had a lot of their lipsticks which came in a transparent casing with a round mirror in the cap. These days I love their satin lipsticks in Candy Treat and Fruity Fawn. The quality is always above average and you can hope to get some value for what you pay. I bought this eye shadow because I was looking for something copper for my eyes to be paired with black on the outer corner. The stay on tag on this eye shadow claims to stay on for 8 hours and claims to be a long wear, crease resistant formula for complete coverage and true color. Well, I did not find it to be true. 🙁 I have a mixed opinion on this product. Streetwear Eye Shadow - Copper Goddess, eye shadow, streetwear, revlon Price: Rs 425 for a quad, when I bought it. I think they are charging us only for the stay on factor which in the first place does not exist.

Key ingredients: dimethicone, boron nitride, talc, nylon-12, iron oxides

When I bought this shadow, there was an offer with Street Wear where I needed to buy products worth 1000/- to get a make up brush kit free! The brushes were really tempting so I picked every thing up. This shadow comes in silver card board casing and another sponge casing. In spite of all this, one of the colours (the top left one) inside was shattered! I could not believe that the SA did not check while giving it to me. It’s completely her loss not mine. I am never going to that Street Wear counter in that particular Westside store. The packaging is sleek and silver with a wide mirror inside and a pink colored two sided applicator. Now for the only good part, there are four copper shades inside which are all very beautiful. The top left one has the maximum glitter, and the amount of glitter reduces as we move clock wise. I can say that is the only difference between the four shades. 🙁 Streetwear Eye Shadow - Copper Goddess When I swatched it, at home, the first color was so full of glitter and kept falling all over the place. Only the bottom left color has a slightly bronze effect, rest all are copper. The colors are smooth but not really that great to talk about. They can be packed on the eye but the glitter in one of them falls all over my face. It falls on my eye lashes. That color also is very bright and iridescent and the glitter seems to be of some cheap quality or like loose glitter from some art and craft store. The top right color also has glitter but the particles are smaller. It does not glide on the eye lid. The bottom right color has shimmer and that’s the true copper I can actually wear. The bottom left color is bronzy and glides on well, but, it does not stay for even thre whole hours, I don’t have a base so I was really disappointed with the creasing. This color was actually good to look at. All the colors smudge easily. Then why call it stay on? Streetwear Eye Shadow - Copper Goddess The verdict: it seems like the four colors in the quad are all of different quality. Surprisingly, the quality goes from cheap to better as one moves clock wise from top left. The glitter is over the top which makes it impossible to use all the four colors. I am still confused about the real intention of this product, all the colors are similar. So did they want to provide similar colors with varying amount of glitter and shimmer? The long stay claim fails miserably. Then what was actually the USP of this product? Streetwear Eye Shadow - Copper Goddess I bought it only for the copper color. But it is not some thing that one would expect for Rs 425. You can safely give it a miss unless you are really keen on buying copper eye shadows. This product is very average over all and really needs improvements on quality, coming from a brand like Street Wear. Here I would also like to mention that never ever buy lip pencils from this brand. They cost you 155rs but drag and tear your lips like a ten rupee lip pencil. It is made in China and is worse than those non brand Chinese lip pencils that flood the market. I would say those Chinese pencils are smoother than Street Wear. I have Pink Line and Brown Line lip pencils from this brand and they are awful. May be I should review that to save your money. But you can safely pass this brand as they are going from bad to worse.

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22 thoughts on “Street Wear Stay On Eye Shadow – Review

  1. Such pretty colours but so glittery. My my! you saved my money again. These SAs are so pushy about selling streetwear. They also have souffle in their rage, have you tried that?

    I sooooo loved the review. :-*

      1. Yeah I remember how i regret buying this. The colours were amazing but the fall out was so
        annoying! It just wouldn’t stay on my lids. THen one day, i dropped it. I actually dropped
        the eyeshadow – and the whole thing was on my floor like saw dust. Not wasting my money on it again.

  2. Loved the review…

    Reviewing products you did not like is as necessary as reviewing products you loved, if not more!!!

    I had StreetweaCream shadon Gold and Silver looooong time back… They were good but nothing to rave about… I really haven’t explored this brand much except for the nail polishes… i love them…

    1. yeah exactly what i believe
      i should def review bad products so that some money can be saved
      these brands should also know the customer is not a fool

  3. Nice review Neha.

    Have never explored Streetwear recently except for the nail colour, which is a disappointment.

    I had their gloss during college days and was kinda ok..But then I never bothered about all these things then.

    Thank you for bringing out the actuals of the product..The shades are lovely though.

  4. The colours are very pretty, Neha esp the broken one. I am really not picking up stuff from streetwear barring the nail paints. Only coz M gave them a good review and those tiny bottle don’t cost much. 🙂

    1. yeah i mean thgis cost me some 425 rs
      must be more now
      we dont expect an average product in this amount
      its just average types

  5. Rs.425 down the drain..!! when they launched the brand it was really good dont know what happened to them..!!

  6. Hey Neha…all the shades look similar to me. 🙁 …………..cannot make out much of a difference………its written on the back that its creasefree and if it creases, then it speaks a lot about the brand. :pain:

  7. There is an offer right now on streetwear cosmetics – Buy 1 Lipstick and get 1 Free. I was so tempted to buy it yesterday when I was walking around in Pune Central and saw this offer. Now I’m kinda skeptical. For that matter, are their lipsticks any good? I was wanting to buy one to gift to one of my friends who is newly wedded.

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