How to Make Eyeshadow Stay Longer

How To Make Eyeshadow Stay Longer

Have you ever wondered why your eyeshadow seems to fade away after some time? Follow some simple tips to keep your eye makeup in place for a longer time.

How to make eyeshadow stay for longer

The best way is to start with a really clean face. Wash off excess natural oils with a gentle cleanser and use blotting paper or tissue to remove any left over oil from eyelids.

1. Primer

Always apply eyeshadow primer or base. If you have oily lids, then eyeshadows tend to stay for an even shorter time. Use it under your eye makeup all over the lid and also the brow bone, inner crease, and wherever you will be applying makeup on. After this, you will notice that colours show up brighter and blend like a dream. MAC and Urban Decay are popular brands for eye shadow primers that you may like to select from. Choose a neutral shade so that it does not affect the pigment of the eyeshadow and may be used under any colour.

2. Foundation

Eyes are more sensitive than other facial skin, and some people may prefer to choose a primer made especially for use on the lids. However, if you are going to do it only once in a while, a cheaper option is oil-free liquid foundation. Apply a small amount of this under your eyeshadow to make the texture of skin smoother and take away excess oil. Shadow glides on evenly and stays longer on top of a layer of foundation.

3. Milk of Magnesia

You can get this at the chemist shop. Use a cotton ball to apply a tiny amount over your lids as your base and eye makeup will stay much longer.

4. Cream Shadows

Cream eye shadow tends to last longer than powder. If you really love the powder, then apply a thin layer of cream shadow in a similar colour before applying the powder eyeshadow on top.

5. Eye Shadow Brush

A sponge applicator is definitely the cheaper option, but it doesn’t blend in the eyeshadow as well as a good eyeshadow brush does. Use one for applying your eye makeup properly and blending in the shades smoothly. A well-done application is likely to last you much longer than a flimsy dabbing on. Cheaper brushes may seem to work fine for the moment, but the shades start smearing around after some time. Invest in a few high quality brushes for your eye makeup and you will not be disappointed.

6. Water

Lastly, you may use water. Not the coolest way to go about things, but, oh well. Wet your eyeshadow brush just a little bit and then use it. Remember that wet eye shadow not only stays longer, but it also comes out looking brighter and more colour-intense. So be careful with the amount you take on the brush for creating the look you want.

Basically, we notice that it is the creamier scores that wins over powder, whether it is a layer of primer/foundation or a water-dissolved eyeshadow. If you totally love applying eye makeup all the time, investing in a primer and a set of brushes will serve you better in the long run.

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