Street Wear Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss Review

by Soniica B.

Heya Lovely Ladies,

How’s you doing ? I hope great. Winter holidays are up and I am hating it because these are the laziest holidays :p I have no other work than eating and watching TV; thus I thought to write for IMBB; something I have been thinking from last 6 months and finally I got time to get connected. I am so grateful to IMBB for providing this platform to earn while being at home; to the youngsters like me and all the housewives who can’t go out and work. Thanks IMBB 😀

street wear gloss

Today, the product I am going to review is Street Wear Lip Gloss in Wild Strawberry. I am one of those girls who don’t like to step out of home without putting on little makeup. Makeup doesn’t mean to paint the face completely. It simply means to hide the little blemishes, spots and to make the complexion even so as to be presentable. A little eyeliner to define eyes, some gloss and we are ready to take the world. So here I am with the review of a lip gloss, which is a very subtle color, suitable for day to day wear.

Price: `



5.9 ml


Not mentioned.


My Take on Street Wear Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss:

I am not a gloss person, still when I saw this extremely gorgeous shade I couldn’t stop myself from buying. I loved the sparkle in the gloss, which forced me to buy it :p

Packaging: The bottle comes in a normal plastic packaging with a silver shining applicator. The bottle is opaque, which doesn’t let you know how much product you have used and how much is left. The applicator is a soft popsicle shape, which I didn’t like, as I am a fan of doe-foot applicator, which gives even application.

Shade: The name given to the gloss completely justifies the shade. The shade I got is Wild Strawberry which is a subtle red shade with shimmers in it, love it 😀 This shade can be used alone, to add a little tint or shine to lips and also can be worn over the top of lipstick to make your lips pout ready and add an oomph factor. Worn over the top of red lipstick would intensify the red color. I like wearing this shade with bold dramatic eyes.

street wear gloss

Staying Power: Texture and staying power is similar to other lip glosses. Like any other lip gloss, this gloss also needs to be applied frequently. The plus point that this lip gloss gains is that it isn’t much sticky like other glosses. It is in quite liquid form, which makes it easier to apply. The staying power remains good until and unless you eat or drink anything. :p The best part of this gloss is that, it leaves shimmer and sheen when faded off.

Honestly speaking, it’s a decent lip gloss to go for. For those who like subtle yet elegant look. This is a kind of nude red shade which can be worn at office, as well as party with bold eye-makeup; it all depends on how one carries makeup. Going over with makeup won’t make you look best; remember, less is more. The best thing a girl can wear is a smile.

street wear gloss

Pros of Street Wear Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss:

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Texture is good.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Travel-friendly.

Cons of Street Wear Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss:

  • No ingredients mentioned (no issue for me).
  • Transfers 🙁
  • Staying power isn’t good.
  • Boring packaging.

Would I repurchase Street Wear Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss?

No. I never repeat colors in lip products. It’s a pretty shade to have in collection.

IMBB Ratings:


Final verdict: It’s an average product to own. I just love the shade. 😀

Till Next Time, Toodles, xoxo

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  1. Thats a rally nice swatch 🙂 this color can be great for everyday when you want to have glossy lips and colors.. will try this 🙂

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