Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk

Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk

Recently, I picked up a Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss in the shade Retro Funk.  I was looking for the Streetwear Colour Rich lipsticks when I saw the lip gloss. The shade was pretty and the packaging looked pretty decent (like I said before, I prefer matte black caps than metallic ones), so I picked it up.

Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss Retro Funk


INR 125 for 7 ml.


The tube is transparent and it’s got a matte black cap on its doe-foot applicator. Its pretty okay but the plastic seems rather crappy.

Retro Funk

My Take on Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk:

The shade is really nice. It’s a cross between red and pink and comes translucent on the lips. A good shade, especially to top up your lipstick. The doe-foot applicator is very handy, but I have got one complaint; the smell. It smells a little like plastic. It’s not overpowering and it goes away in about ten seconds, but it’s rather unpleasant.

Retro Funk

Summing it up:

Pros of Streetwear Colour Rich Lipgloss – Retro Funk:

  • Pretty shade.
  • Doe-foot applicator.
  • Reasonably priced.

Cons of Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk:

  • The packaging is not-very-great.
  • The smell is a major turn off.

Do I Recommend Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk?

No. Nobody wants their lips to smell of plastic

IMBB Rating:


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15 thoughts on “Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk

  1. The applicator of the street wear glosses are yuck big time , sometimes the sponge on the tip wears off and when u apply the gloss the plastic hurts. Also agree with the smell…. it cn get disgusting too….
    Great review>>> very helpful 🙂

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