Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask Review

Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask


How is the festive season coming for you all? I miss the fun here in London after all nothing beats India when it comes to festival spirit. Well there are some things that are not in your hands– hai na! Weather has changed drastically here; our jackets and coats are out to bear the chill breeze. Before the summer fades away absolutely I wanted to try Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask. Many of you know how much I like Superdrug and how often I try their products. So here is one more.
Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask


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Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask  ingredients

Product Description:

Give your skin a treat with this tea tree peel off mask. Specially formulated, it cleanses the skin pore deep removing dirt, grease and other impurities, helping to promote a clearer and complexion.

How to use:-

Apply an even thing layer to clean skin with fingertips avoiding the eye and the lip area. Leave until mask dries and peel off gently. Rinse face with warm water. Use once a week as part of skin care regime.

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My experience with Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask:

I have tried face washes from this tea tree range of Superdrug and I liked them. Thus when I saw this mask form the same range I had to pick it up without giving second thought. The mask has two man ingredients- tea tree oil and peppermint oil; tea tree oil is natural anti bacterial agent known for its antiseptic healing properties and peppermint oil is renowned for its therapist effect on skin disorders and cooling sensation. I was tempted to try this as soon as I reached home. As and when I tore off the packet, I could smell peppermint oil. The mask is green in colour more like aleovera gel. The consistency is very very thick and is not easy to spread it at all, I tried to apply a thin layer but it wasn’t easy to spread it- I just managed anyhow. Now, after applying mask ,I could very easily and strongly feel the cooling sensation of peppermint. The peppermint power is so strong that you have to close your eyes; else you might get watery eyes. So the mask dries after 15 minutes and peels off very easily. After effects of the mask took my heart; Blackheads gone, glow on skin, fresh and clean face. Also, to mention I have dry skin and still I dint feel the urge to moisturise immediately- I mean it did not make my skin super dry like how many mask does. Totally loved it.
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Pros of Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask:

• Loaded with goodness of tea tree and peppermint oil.
• Cleans the skin well.
• Does not break or dries out the skin badly.
• Provides refreshing and healthy glow on face.
• Easy to remove.
• Value for money.
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
• Not tested on animals.
• Paraben free.

Cons of Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask:

• Difficult to apply.
• Too strong smell of peppermint.
• Available only in Superdrug store and their website.

IMBB rating:


Do I recommend Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask?

Yes, please try at least once- this will not disappoint you. This is so affordable and does what it says.

Will I repurchase Superdrug Tea Tree Peel Off Mask?

Oh yes, totally.

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