The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review

Skin tone: Medium to dusky

Hello ladies,

Recently, TBS launched their super affordable full coverage Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation which was a super hit. Along with the foundation, they also launched a super affordable blending sponge. When I spotted that in the store, I immediately knew that I need to grab it. So, today, I am going to review The Body Shop Beauty Blender. Let’s begin with the review.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review

Price: 457 INR
Product Description:
No longer fear make-up streaks or lines with our new, multi-tasking Beauty Blender. The spongy material and smooth shape ensures effortless blending and access to all areas. Use with our new Matte Clay Foundation for a flawless finish.
• Effortless, streak-free coverage
• Easy wash material
• Latex free

100% PU – polyurethane

My Experience with The Body Shop Beauty Blender:

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Packaging

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The TBS Beauty Blender comes packaged in a simple see-through plastic cover, nothing fancy. The sponge is black in color and comes only in one variant as of now. The sponge has a wide bottom and a pointed tip, it looks more like an hourglass.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Packaging Back

This sponge has a good shape. It looks like a beauty blender that is pinched in the middle. The bottom is wide for blending the product on larger areas like cheeks and forehead. The tip is narrow and can get easily into crevices and smaller areas like the corner of the eyes or around nostril area.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review With Foundation

The sponge itself is very dense and is kind of hard than the regular beauty blenders. There are no usage instructions on the packaging but the MUA at the store asked me to wet and use the sponge. When wet, the sponge gets bigger and a bit softer, but not as soft as you would expect.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Blender

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Top

This sponge is latex-free which is good and the price is also cheaper than Real Techniques sponge or any other drugstore sponge. I tried using the damp blender with the TBS Clay Matte foundation, I used the stamping motion to spread the product which makes application easier. The sponge blended the product, but it was a bit hard to blend in the foundation, and it took a lot of time. But, I did try to blend the foundation completely with the sponge and it gave me a streak-free finish, but I achieved the same result with a brush but with a lot lesser time. The results are better and smoother, but it was very difficult for me to use the sponge.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Wet Sponge

One thing which I liked about the sponge is that it doesn’t absorb any products like a regular blender, which is pretty good. This sponge works well for baking or applying setting powder as the curved tip is easier to reach the nooks and corners. I cleaned the sponge with a mild baby shampoo. It did clean well but with two washes itself, there were various cracks in the blender which questions the quality of the sponge. I am on the fence with this product, I don’t know whether I like it or not. This is an affordable sponge with a good shape from a reliable brand but it didn’t impress me. I would rather spend some extra bucks and get an original beauty blender.

The Body Shop Beauty Blender Review Sponge in Hand

Pros of The Body Shop Beauty Blender:

• Latex-free material
• Good shape
• Doesn’t absorb products
• Gives a streak-free finish
• Becomes big when wet
• Super affordable
• Vegan and cruelty-free
• Works well for baking and setting powder

Cons of The Body Shop Beauty Blender:

• Sponge is hard
• Blending is difficult
• Consumes time
• Cracks in a few washes; questionable quality

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Body Shop Beauty Blender?
No, I won’t repurchase or recommend this.

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