9 Biggest Beauty Blender Mistakes and How to Correct Them

By Chanchala Bose

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There was a time when mixing and blending makeup was a huge task; in fact, a challenge. Women used to try different tips and tricks to blend their foundation well and set it. Then came the Beauty Blender. And the rest, as they say, is history. We all love the flawless finish that this tiny sponge helps us get, yet there are certain mistakes we all tend to make with it. Keep reading to find out which mistakes I am talking about and how you can correct them.

10 Biggest Beauty Blender Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Pouring foundation directly on the sponge

applying foundation with sponge

This is one of the most common mistakes which many of us make. When in hurry, we tend to apply foundation directly on the sponge. But that’s not how you’re supposed to use the sponge. Take foundation at the back of your hand, apply on face with your fingers and then blend with a damp sponge. This is the best way to achieve a flawless finish.

Using a dry sponge

It is not at all okay to use a dry sponge to apply makeup. When you use it dry, the sponge absorbs all the product and you are left with just a little. Hence, using it damp is the most optimum way.

Applying too much pressure

Don’t use too much pressure while blending your foundation with a Beauty Blender. Apply it gently. You can get a smooth and seamless finish only if you gently use the sponge.

Mishandling the sponge

beauty blender sponge

If you are a proud owner of Beauty Blender then you must use it nicely. Clean it well and sanitise it regularly. Also, make sure you air dry it nicely. This will not only increase the life of your sponge but also prevent skin infections.

Using soaking wet sponge

Your Blender Blender needs to be damp if you desire a flawless finish. In fact, you can use it dry to apply powder products like bronzing powder, compacts and eye shadows. Remember, a soaking wet beauty sponge is never ideal; it may, in fact, remove all the makeup, making it appear patchy.

Using the wrong motion

You need to use a dabbing motion to blend in your products with a Beauty Blender Sponge. Dragging the products, and not dabbing it, will never let you achieve a perfect finish. Your makeup will look patchy, uneven and streaky this way.

Not re-touching your sponge

beauty blender dry and wet

You sponge might become dry as you progress with your makeup application. For example, when you are layering your foundation, the sponge might turn dry by the end of the second layer. To handle this, keep a spray bottle or a glass of water handy.

Using only with foundation

Beauty Blender is a versatile product. Blush, eye shadow, bronzing powders etc can be easily applied with this sponge. But, you need proper expertise over the sponge in order to achieve that seamless finish.

Hurrying too much

You must remember that a Beauty Blender is not a magical tool. You need to be patient with it and pay attention to blending. Just going over your face with the sponge once and expecting an airbrush finish isn’t going to help you. You need to blend your makeup products well.

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