The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask Review

Skin type: Combination.

Hello, all!
You all might know that I absolutely love Korean beauty sheet masks. I couldn’t resist myself when Innisfree launched their store in Mumbai, and now that The Faceshop has launched online, I had to pick some sheet masks and other products. I picked up several variants of the sheet masks from different ranges to see how they work. Today’s review will be on the Goji Berry Face Mask from the range ‘Real Nature’. Let’s begin the review now!


Price: Rs 100 for one sheet mask.
Product Description:
The mask sheet drenched in serum with ultra nourishing Goji Berry gives flaky, dehydrated skin a surge of moisture.

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask:


This sheet mask comes in a very cool packaging. It has a grey colored wood printed on the packaging along with the ingredients it is made up of. The packaging looks really expensive and attractive. The back side of the packaging has all the details about the face mask. The sheet mask is made out of a very thin fabric and is soaked wet inside an essence. There’s also some liquid inside the packaging, hence, after you apply the mask on your face, take the liquid and gently pat it on the mask since, you wouldn’t want to leave any of that liquid behind.


The mask sits comfortably on the skin and feels cool on the skin. There’s no irritation when I have this mask on the skin and it doesn’t fall off from the face as it dries. I kept the mask for 30 minutes, though the pack says, you should keep it for 10-20 minutes and yet the mask wasn’t completely dry. Anyway, after 30 minutes, I took the mask off and then let the liquid on my face sit for an hour. Then, I washed my face with room temperature water.


I liked the result it gave me in just one use. It made my face feel soft and nourished. Also, it made my face smoother and a bit firmer. It added a lot of moisture back into my skin and my face felt fresh too. I did notice that my skin looked quite good and pampered after using the mask, but these results are very temporary, hence to see a major difference, you might have to use many such sheets. But, it’s good to get your skin pampered every now and then with these masks. I personally love sheet masks and hence I love to buy them often.


Pros of The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask:

  • Good packaging, travel-friendly.
  • Very fine cotton mask.
  • Sits well on the skin.
  • The dripping wet mask doesn’t dry out soon on the face.
  • Skin looks better.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Mask feels comfortable and cool on the skin.
  • Makes skin firmer.

Cons of The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask:

  • You can’t really talk when the mask is on your face. Not a con, though!
  • One-time use mask, but then it’s a sheet mask.
  • Temporary results.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask?

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