The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask Review

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask Review

By Nigamasri

Hi all,

I read all the reviews on IMBB everyday, but I never thought I would write one. I recently started writing on IMBB and you were all so kind and encouraging. I felt immensely happy when you appreciated my reviews. Thank you all. You guys are the best 🙂  Today, I will be reviewing a sheet mask from The Face Shop called Real Nature Mask Lemon.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask

Product Description:

A brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract to brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.


Rs. 100, contains 20 ml of serum in each pouch.


The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask

Good ingredients in this mask:  Citrus MedicaLimonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract: Contains vitamin C and is a natural astringent with powerful anti-bacterial and toning properties.
Glycerin: Prevents drying and scaling of skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate: Also referred as hyaluronic acid which helps to boost skin moisture content and prevents moisture loss from skin’s deeper layers by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. My favorite ingredient of course.
Hydrogenated Lecithin:This can be found in egg yolks and the membranes of plant and animal cells which works as a water-binding agent and prevents water loss from the epidermis (outer layer of skin).
Phaseolus Radiatus Extract: Rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin A which helps in smoothening and brightening of skin.
BetulaPlatyphylla Japonica Bark Extract: As per some studies conducted in 2008 by ethno-pharmacologists, this ingredient helps in restraining inflammation and itching of skin caused by dermatitis.
Rumex Crispus Root Extract: Helps in reducing sores and rashes on the skin.

Not-so-good ingredients in this mask:

Dimethicone:  Any ingredient that ends with “cone” means that it is a silicone-based ingredient. Silicone may cause irritation to sensitive skin.
Alcohol Denat: Some call it a myth and some believes it as a truth that alcohol is not good in cosmetics. But a well formulated cosmetic product that contain alcohol will not dry your skin and in fact it helps in penetrating key ingredients into the skin. But still it is a personal preference.
Methyl and Propyl Parabens: No matter how many studies I read that says parabens are not harmful, I cringe every time I see these in the ingredient list.

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask:

I enjoy wearing sheet masks. They give nice mini spa-like experience and my skin feels refreshing and relaxing after using any sheet mask, but only some sheet masks work better and give noticeable results. This sheet mask will come under that “some sheet masks” section. The hero of this sheet mask is lemon extract. Lemon helps in toning and brightening the skin.

The mask is thin and soft made of cotton. The serum in the pouch has floral scent and is thick liquid in texture. The sheet mask in the pouch is well saturated in the serum. After cleansing my face, I unfolded the mask and put it on my face. The mask was moist and the serum was dripping on my throat while I lay on the bed. The mask did not fit my face perfectly, in fact, no sheet mask I have used till now has perfect fit. It is so big on my face.  I keep my sheet masks in refrigerator so that they give a nice and cooling sensation when I wear them.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask

I kept the mask on my face for good 40 minutes. Most of the serum in the mask got absorbed into the skin by that time. I removed the mask even though was slightly wet because I got bored 😛 Then, I checked out my face in the mirror and I was shocked. My face was so bright and my skin tone also became even.  A couple of red pimples that I had on my face also looked less pronounced. My face was so soft to touch, just like velvet. I just couldn’t stop touching my face after removing the mask. The brightness lasted for the entire day. There was also a lot of serum left in the pouch which I massaged it to my neck. I have already used 2 of these masks in one week. There is one more mask waiting in the fridge for its turn. Overall, it’s a decent mask that lived up to its claims.

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask

Pros of The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask:

  • The sheet mask is well saturated in the serum.
  • Nice floral fragrance.
  • Instantly brightens skin.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Soothes skin.

Cons of The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask:

  • The fit of the mask is not good.
  • Contains alcohol.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Dimethicone may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask?

Yes, I loved the way it brightened my skin.

Would I Recommend The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask?

Yes again, especially if you have uneven skin tone, then you will love this sheet mask.

See you with another review. Till then stay happy and beautiful.

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8 thoughts on “The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask Review

  1. i soooo love these face shop masks. always keep stocking them and love using them during my travels. :)) very good review. will give this one a go. 🙂

  2. Nice to read the review 🙂 but I have a very important info for u. Always stick by 15-20 mins rule. Nvr apply a mask for more than 20 mins coz after tht the mask starts to take back from the skin- the moisture the nutrients and all the goodness.

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