The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack Review

The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying the festive season with your loved ones. I’m on a break and went to Sydney for a couple of days .While I was there, I purchased some products from The Face Shop and Victoria’s Secret.  After a long time, I did a haul and I am very excited to share the reviews with you 🙂 I walked into the Face Shop store and they had gift with purchase and are also quite generous with samples compared to other brands.  This is the first time I went into a Face shop store in Australia and found the prices to be somewhat comparable compared to Malaysia and Singapore. I purchased a few face masks as well as some skin care accessories.  I will be reviewing the Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack today and this product is only available in this size. I purchased a couple of variants and will be reviewing the sea weed mask today as I have combination-oily skin and the very hot weather in Sydney has left my face really oily.

The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack

Product Claims:

This product is a wash off cream mask containing seaweed to control sebum in skin.



The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack

My Experience with The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack:

I have been using mini face masks from Nugg and the portability of those masks made me try this mini capsule mask from The Face Shop.  This product comes in a cute tiny tub which reminds me of the mini milk capsules which is provided at hotels for making tea/coffee. The packaging is pretty simple, but the ingredients list is not available. The size of the mask is half the size of my palm, so I initially thought this mask can be used only once. I use face masks regularly and have a preference for single use/sachet and sheet type masks as I like to try different masks to refresh myself.

I washed my face and patted it dry.  I then applied the mask on my face and realized this small pack had enough product for around three uses.  I however wanted to use it up in one go as I thought storage would be a problem and I was plain lazy.

The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack

The mask is thick and creamy in texture and light green in colour. There is a light fragrance which wouldn’t bother even the sensitive of all noses. I applied this mask and waited for around 20 minute for all the goodness to soak in before washing it off. I applied a thick coat of the mask on my face, neck and décolleté. This mask was a little bit difficult to wash off because of the thick texture; I used water and a warm wash cloth to wash it off.

Initially, I was a bit disappointed because I couldn’t see the bright face smiling back at me; the brightness which you get after using any kind of face mask. However, my face did look clean and clear. Most importantly, as promised this mask did control sebum and oiliness on my combination/oily skin. Not only on the same day but the mattifying effect lasted the whole of next day as well.

The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack

Pros of The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack:

  • Controls sebum and oiliness for a couple of days and gives a mattifying effect.
  • Mini capsule is very easy to take on trips.
  • Seaweed is packed with vitamins and minerals to revitalise and make skin healthy.
  • Reasonably priced for a product which can be used thrice.
  • Face Shop is expanding all over the world now and their products are easily available.

Cons of The Face Shop Seaweed Mini Capsule Pack:

  • Might dry up if half used sachet is not stored properly.
  • Does not give skin brightness or wow effect.
  • Ingredient list not available on the pack.

IMBB Rating:


I’m giving a high rating as this mask does what it promised – controls oiliness at least for a couple of days.

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