MUA (Makeup Academy) Matt Eyeshadow Review, Swatches

MUA (makeup academy) matt eye shadows # 19 and  # 20: Review, Swatches

Mua available at superdrug uk. Pearl and matte eyeshadows for just a pound each and a variety of colors.

MUA eyeshadows

Other shades available in matte:

  • 18 purple
  • 17 beige
  • 16 pink

Some fantastic pearl shadows that I will be reviewing soon. Also some pretty eye dusts (which I cud not test as the place was busy and I was with a pram :headbang: can you beat that) They also have the famous duochrome shadows one of which I shall be reviewing too. 🙂 (I lurrve)

MUA matte eyeshadows

This is part of my UK haul and I am pleased to share an amazing product with you guys today. MUA eyeshadows . 🙂 I have fallen head over heels with them and it was only after I got them I realized that they are quite a craze in the blogosphere for they fact that they are just a pound each for such a big pan and are better than may be even the other 5 pounds brands. Apparently I did not know much about superdrug as well where I amanged to pick up these beauties after testing them. Once u enter into superdug ur mind may boggle at the choices available there and suddenly time is not enough and so is the place. With so many brands and so much to test ordering online is a great idea as well specially if you have made up your mind on the colors. Superdurg is also ordering free standard delivery for a couple of days so it’s a steal. Basically I am super impressed and don’t have find a single reason to complain about these :haanji:

MUA eyeshadow ingredients

Shade 19 :dark brown 

This one is a flat matte eyeshadow and an absolute must for creasework. I do not have much colors for crease that are as matte as this . Now being matte is not enough. This one is a pretty brown quite pigmented and big for the price I paid. I would not say its very smooth or extremely easy to work with but it is very good and is good enough in smoothness and pigmentation and just what I want for crease. Staying power is good four hours or so on my very oily eyelids. And the thing is you have blend soon or it would just stick to ur primer. I did not have a problem blending this one. I love it!i also use it as an all over shadow on days that I don’t wanna use a liner. I fill up the lid till the crease and nothing beyond the crease. It looks very deep and pretty. Can smudge under the lower lashes for smoky effect and also line upper lashes line with a smudge brush in place of a liner. if u don’t like a deep black this one is great!

MUA e/s

Shade 20 :deep black eyeshadow
I was so amazed at how pigmented it was . It is very very pigmented and smoother than the brown one . I use for outer v, under lash line for smoky effect, for lining lashes sometimes and best of all to seal in kohl with this! Awesome stuff and versatile too. You can fill your lid with this till crease and just use kohl on waterline for a smoky effect. Totally love it .

MUA eyeshadow swatch

MUA eyeshadow swatches

Word of caution:
The black is so pigmented you will need very less. Work with it soon and blending will be easy. If you cant work with blacks then the brown is fab. Absolute must for sealing the kohl with the black eyeshadow.

Rating:4 on 5 for eyeshadow # 19
4.5 on 5 for eyeshadow # 20

Have you used Makeup Academy Eyeshadow?

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    1. :highfive: :high5: i have the knack for picking up quality inexpensive makeup
      discard when bored 😀 :haanji:

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  1. neha although you mentioned that the brown one is not so awesome bt i am loving the shade and it can be totally built up na. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. :stars: bee i dont really wear much like all this that
      i do a very simple type pat crease v thats it 😮 :haanji:
      my eyes are like droopy like suzzane roshan or something :((

  2. such superb shades :hypnotized: :hypnotized: ………… muje abhbhi chaiye :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:
    really great review neha :teddy: :teddy: , i have to go long way learning :secret2: :secret2:

  3. thts quite a gud amt of product for the price paid :woot: ..n luks a gr8 product.. i too luved the brown.. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  4. i loved both of these !!! both r pigmented and quite build able !!! best part is the packaging entirely looks like Nyx blushes ! he na??? :waytogo:

  5. Neha dear, thanks for recommendin these…
    tey r gng 2 b in my nxt “pls-get-smthin-nice-n-cheap-frm-abroad-cos-v-dnt-ve-anythin-so-nice-n-cheap-here” list for my frnds in UK :haanji:

  6. These look amazing Neha!!! I went to MUA counter at Germany, but donno why it was very poorly stocked..It was the smallest counter and no one was there….I didn’t see these eyeshadows there….there were very few items kept and none of them actually attracted didn’t pick up any..these look so wonderful…….Great buy I must say!! :waytogo: and a super-great review!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  7. m loving both the shades! i m looking for such amazingly pigmented matt black color..wish these were available here too :thanks: for the review :yes:
    waiting for other reviews 😀

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