H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer

H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer

I came to The Netherlands and discovered one thing, here almost everyone was orange. Not only their monarchy belong to the the House of Orange, but also the population, everyone was orange, literally!!  They love the sun and the summer, so tanning beds and tanning makeup are a must-have around here and everyone seems to not realize that too much of a good thing isn’t so good.

H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer

My friend Flavia came from India and noted that here we play a reversed game of the fairness craze that we get to live in India which is true on the marketing of makeup and such, but I think here they take it way too far extremes than India, because you can see the people around looking like oompa loompas, but as they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it is still the curious case of the unattainable.

But the thing is, it did look very weird, they reminded me so much of Willy Wonka’s oompa loompas that I had to come home and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory most of the times.

Below is a photo, if you don’t know what a oompa loompa is, they are my favorites (the original ones).

oompa loompas

So, tanning was in because it was summer.  Here, they have a sort of tanning bed membership that you sign up for the club and get tanning all year round.  Also, you can have a tanning bed at your own house and it seems cool. I for one am scared of the sun and never ever been to a tanning parlor nor got a spray tan done as well, they are another thing very very common here the spray tans and self tanners. If you want to be hot, you gotta be tanned, otherwise you are destined to be forever alone.

Its autumn/winter here now, so no one can get away with the orange look, but we can try, I say that cause after a while I got hypnotized by the orange people and wanted to be one of them. I am not being a profiler but even the Dutch make fun of themselves about the tanning thing.

So, I got myself a bronzing powder from H&M in the shade of Gorgeous Tan and it is very sheer.

They had a huge one but I got the little cause I am cheap. It looks cute though.

Bronzing Powder

The texture is excellent and it feels cold on the skin, it is very sheer but two swipes are good for contouring your face or for a flush of color and it has a mirror, which is cool, I guess.  Below is the ingredient’s list.

Gorgeous tan

If you wondered what H&M stands for, its Hennes and Mauritz, and now you know 🙂

The swatch is impossible, as it is just a dust of color.  I tried to do my best and visibly failed, so I apologize for my cuticles mostly. It is a lovely product and I am happy I purchased it.



4 Euros for 8.5 g.

Pros of H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer:

  • Very Sheer (I chose the sheer-most shade, there were darker ones also available).
  • Mirror is handy.
  • There’s a lot of product in there.

Cons of H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer:

  • Maybe too sheer for some, so always swatch before you buy.

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11 thoughts on “H&M Bronzing Powder Face and Body Bronzer

  1. “Here, they have a sort of tanning bed membership that you sign up for the club and get tanning all year round” :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: it would toh totally not show up on me.. 😐 😐 this is like my compact powder . 😀 bt i cna imagine it showing up on your. you so gori gori no? 😀

  2. This won’t show up on me.At all. 😐 😐 It’s the colour of my pressed powder. :hihi: :dumb:
    But I assume it shows up well enough on you? :)) It seems pretty good in terms of texture. :makeup:
    Nice review,Deb! :shying:

  3. I liked the packaging Deb .. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    but its very sheer dont know much abt bronzerrsss but would like own atleast one.. 😉

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