Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

Before buying any cosmetic product, you should always keep a few things in mind especially when you are purchasing them online. While you purchase them online, you actually cannot see the product and the websites know how to attract customers, right! So, they may attract you with the best image of the product but in reality, those products might not be the same. So, today I’ll tell you some important things to keep in mind before buying any cosmetic product.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

1. Shopping Online

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

The main problem with buying products online is that they are flooded with many and many cosmetics. Once you order one of them, some other product catches your eye. Now, in this stretchy world can you actually spot the fake products from the real ones? Usually you are carefree because you ordered from eBay, amazon or any such online store but cosmetics purchased from online stores may be fake and duplicated sometimes.

2. Packaging

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

There are so many different products reviewed by this grand team on IMBB and it is important to write about the packaging of the product being reviewed. It is not just considered as a writing format but also while purchasing products, most of the fake products come housed in a different packaging or a somewhat similar packaging to the real one. The colour may be brighter or lighter than the original packaging and if you are well versed with your products you can immediately spot out the goof ups. Most of the fake cosmetic products come in a different packaging, so beware!

3. Discounts

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

Sometimes it is good being logical and purchasing products at a lower price but when your retailer offers a special discount start being a little suspicious. Stop being happy with such uncertain gestures, such products are knock offs which is why they are offered at a lower price.

4. Go to a Trusted Retailer

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

In this huge world, it is very difficult to spot the fake products from the real ones so it is always advised to visit a retailer you know and trust. The best place to purchase cosmetics from is the mall. They have the official brands’ outlets and you can go back to them if there is something wrong with the product. Don’t always depend on buying products online just to save a little amount of time and money.

5. Price
Majority of cosmetics have MRP written on them. If not on the product itself, they will surely have it imprinted somewhere on the carton it comes in. Don’t be conceived to buy a product which has no MRP written on it and the retailer may be offering you a pretty good discount on that product too.

6. Spelling Errors

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

Did you know blackberry went blackcherry, Nokia when noka and Maybelline went minebelline? Yes, those are fake brands of products. A trusted brand will never ever commit any spelling mistake on the packaging of the product nor does it comprise with its quality. Most of the duplicated spelling mistakes include shuffling of a single letter like ‘I’ or ‘e’ and they remain completely ignored if not observed properly.

Remember these tips the next time you buy a product. Also a red stocked photo on online stores is a big red flag. It is always advised to purchase products from a good retailer; they won’t cost you more just because they have a huge showroom. The MRP price never differs from retailer to retailer.

Hope the above points were useful to all of you.

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6 thoughts on “Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying any Cosmetic Product

  1. There is a shop near my home which sells such products with minor spelling errors, but I have never bought anything from there. Good post Rima. Also, I don’t like to buy cosmetics online.

  2. Very good post Rima. 🙂 I prefer to not buy perfumes online because it’s very hard to discern whether they are original or not and I completely stay away from ebay. I have seen too many fake products there.

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