6 Things You Need to Start Loving About Your Body Today

You know I always use this salutation for you guys because that is what you all are. Absolutely beautiful! Always and forever! I have never deviated from the posts I send to IMBB and I have usually always stuck to what I know best- beauty product reviews. But I feel that this post is so warranted because all I have heard my girl friends talk about this last week has been how beautiful someone at Cannes has looked that it made them feel insecure about their own selves. I have heard endless talk about chubby arms and overflowing love handles from girls that do not even possess them so I really hope that this post empowers you all, especially if you think you are ‘suffering’ from any of these.

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1. Your lips: I don’t know about you but I personally thought Anushka Sharma’s lips were better before she had the fillers injected. Lip fillers can cause asymmetry, lumps, infection, tissue loss and ulceration! If you feel like your lips need some oomph try the new lip plumping invention ‘Fullips’ or simply create a vacuum suck with your lips inside a wide mouthed plastic bottle to see if you would like the result, with no side effects if I may add! Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, Gwenneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon are some gorgeous ladies who flaunt their thinner lips with style! If all else fails, just try kicking it with some lip liner just like Kylie Jenner!

2. Your hands: Bathe them in olive oil, moisturise regularly before bed and wear comfortable cotton gloves if your hands are going to be exposed to the sun when you are going to be driving. But do not hide them away! People having the wrinkles on their hands surgically corrected is dangerous and can lead to infection because the spaces in the hand are very tight and a knick in a nerve means losing function of your fingers forever! Invest in regular manicures and use sunscreen often to reverse the signs of aging. Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones, Fergie, Jennifer Garner and even Megan Fox are some celebrities with crazy hands but have you ever seen them focus on it?

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3. Your Adam’s apple: First of all know that if you have one, you are not alone. An Adam’s apple is formed due to the protrusion of cartilage in an area of your neck and while in men this cartilage changes to bone in women this cartilage remains. People actually go under the knife to get this removed (Chondrolaryngoplasty) which is a procedure not without its major risks! Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, Cate Blanchet and Sandra Bullock all have what I am going to now name an Eve’s apple and boy do they flaunt it.

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4. You baby hair: If you are not familiar with this term, it refers to the short fuzzy hairs that you have all the way around your forehead right from one end to the other. I have seen people bleach it, wax it, trim it, thread it and shave it all with disastrous results. I too have baby hair all around my hairline on my forehead, especially right on my temples. I have learnt in the long run that it can be caused by tying your pony tail too tight but baby hair is something a lot of Indian women are blessed with. So please do not get rid of it ladies, learn to love it and let me give you a tip I personally use often. Some hairspray sprayed on a toothbrush will calm your baby hair down and make it easier to control especially when you are doing your hair up. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Katrina Kaif, Rihanna, Beyonce and even Kate Middleton herself all have visible baby hair and they are always working it!

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5. Your feet: One term that I never understood will definitely resound in all your minds. Cankles. It basically means a woman’s calf joins straight to her feet giving no defined shape of ankles. Now the amount of women that I have hear complain of their cankles has been enormous and I once has a co worker who went in for ‘ankle liposuction’ (I kid you not) only to injure her Achilles tendon in the process. She can walk fine now but I think that regular exercise would have done her more benefit! If you want to define your ankles I suggest you start with a foot massage to rejuvenate your lymphatic system and get the excess fluids out of your ankles, something that can commonly occur with standing or walking all day which is common in the lifestyle of today’s modern woman! I would never recommend such mindless surgery to anyone- just look at how Anne Hathaway, Cheryl Cole, Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Donatella Versache, Katie Holmes, Katy Perry, Nelly Furtado and Alicia Keys make their wider ankles work for them.

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6. Your birth marks: Unless your mole is growing larger with irregular borders and is sprouting hair out of it (in which case please run to the dermatologist) I do not understand why women go through the sheer pain of having them removed! I have had a friend from university who is of Indian origin but lives in Europe, who had a facial mole removed by laser because she felt it was hindering her from getting suitable marriage proposals. This is now a common occurrence especially in India and even though woman are getting it done left right and center, a laser can burn your skin and even leave deep scars which are difficult to heal. I myself have plenty of photo evidence from my childhood of my tamilian nany enhancing my facial moles with kajal and dabbing talcum powder on it to have that stay all day long. Along the years I’ve discovered new moles, like a very Cindy Crawford one on my upper lip and I have learnt to love them throughout. If you want to hide them for a bit you have the luxury of choosing a concealer from the hundreds reviewed on IMBB. But think twice before going under the knife or having it zapped off by a laser, you may not be happy with the results. Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paula Abdul, Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Scarlet Johanssen, Kate Upton and Mariah Carey have all learnt to make these imperfections their own!

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I hope that you will all agree when I say that these quirks are what make you special! Please think twice before heading under the knife just because parts of your body look different from some celebrity you saw in a magazine. Lilly Allen loves her third nipple, Hrithik Roshan loves his 6th finger, Jennifer Garner loves her overlapping pinky toe, Gerard Butler is still hot despite his one ear being larger than the other, Tom Cruise’s teeth do not line up in the center of his face yet he still has a gorgeous smile and Joaquin Phoenix was born with the scar on his lip which makes him even sexier. The best advice I can give you is to love your body for what it is and what it return the love back to you ten fold!

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10 thoughts on “6 Things You Need to Start Loving About Your Body Today

  1. Aww very touched Samrita
    I have a wide forehead and all my life I have hated it, but for the past 5 years, I don’t care much u know
    No I dont feel insecure at all when I look at the divas at Cannes 🙂

  2. Awesome post Samrita – I loved the post absolutely! I am in awe of the divas at the cannes film festival more than anything 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the post honestly 🙂 even I have baby hair and i love it from the beginning.. And my lips are such crazy… It shows all the teeth even i slightly opened my mouth.. God’s own creation, I learned to love now 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Love this post..so true.
    I hav baby hair around my temples too & I’ve always adorned it.
    But whenever i go for threading, they just try to remove them which i absolutely hate (and is absolutely painful too) 🙁 Finally i’d manage to tell them directly to leave it alone 😀

  5. Amazing post Samrita. I absolutely enjoy reading your reviews and posts. This post is really very important for a lot of women out there. Luckily, I have never really felt inferiority ever in my life (though, people have tried a lot to make me feel inferior). And, with each passing year, I feel I am able to embrace my body and my personality better. 🙂

  6. This is such a great post, specially for those self conscious beauties. I have always been very conscious about my lips and baby hair, I guess I should start embracing them rather than finding ways to cover my baby hair. 😀

  7. I have an eve’s apple and I never knew some people consider it as a flaw. I absolutely love it if I may say so myself 😛 But honestly a great post. All our so called flaws is what makes us unique.

  8. Loved the post…..though i do not dislike any physical feature in myself but yeah know many young girls who are critical about themselves.

  9. Guys! Thank you! OMG I’m so floored with all of your comments, when I wrote this article I was so double minded sending it in and when I did send it I was super nervous whether out IMBB team would like it or not ‘cuz I felt these are issues that needed to be out there but I wasn’t sure if others would think that. This is so encouraging to read such lovely messages, I literally ran to my husband grinning from ear to ear to show him!
    You know this is a beauty, health and makeup blog, but it is so important not to get carried away with all the superficial stuff. We are all God’s creations and everything we discuss here is to enhance our natural selves. Love what you have, flaunt what you’ve got and work what your mama gave you!
    Love always and best wishes! xx

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