Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May

Hi ladies,

If you had been following my previous posts, then you must be knowing that I am a sucker for Bollywood and anything concerning relationships and love. So today, I am here with a fun post telling you about the signs to look out for, that your relationship will stand through all the tests of time and you will be together come what may!


You Dream About Future Together:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 2

No one of you is commitment phobic. You both know that you have taken a plunge together in the relationship and you both from time to time talk about your future plans. You are in each other’s plans and the transition was effortless and smooth.

Big Fights Does Not Mean Breakup:

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Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 3

Do you remember that fight in the beginning phase of your relationship, when both of you thought that probably we will never speak to each other again. But here you are, looking back at the time smiling. You still have big fights over petty issues, but in your heart you know, it is just a fight and your relationship is much bigger than that one fight.

Everyone Around You Knows About You Two:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 4

Your relationship is not discreet any more. His friends know you too well and same is the case with you. You are not afraid of the world and not shy to show off your love to anybody.

Silence Is Not Awkward Anymore:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 5

You guys are on the phone but not talking and that silence is not awkward at all. You can be with each other and still talking is perfectly acceptable at this stage of your relationship now.

Past Does Not Matter Anymore:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 6

Sure everyone has a past. You both know about each other’s past. You have had fights about that but you are that point in your relationship, when it does not matter anymore. Now, you can think the past is what got you closer and together.

You Are Comfortable With Each Other:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 7

You can be in the worst of your outfit in front of him and still you are comfortable and smiling, even when he is teasing you incessantly. You both do not try too hard to impress each other, but still appreciate the little gestures made by your partner.

You Are There For Each Other:

Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May 8

You guys go by the song’s saying, Tu hai to I’ll be alright 😛 even when you are happy or very sad. Both of you find comfort in each other’s arms. You both can count on each other and know by heart that you are living a wonderful life together and cherish each other.

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3 thoughts on “Signs Your Relationship Will Last Come What May

  1. I see a lot of points in my parents relationship and they are happily married for more than 30 years now. 🙂

  2. Feels points r true whenever m with my hubby but my mother in law comes and plays like villan and happy life turns stressful…suddenly seem as there is no love n no life as such called happy life…

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