How To Make Thread Bangles – Do It Yourself

How To Make Thread Bangles – Do It Yourself

Hi Ladies,

This is for the first time that I have come up with a DIY in IMBB and I am really excited about it. I just hope you like it and understand all the steps. During this whole period of Durga Puja vacation, I had nothing to do at home during the day hours as we went to visit the pandals only during the night. So, I took up an old bangle, some threads, and started making my own handmade thread bangles. It was a very simple process. I just had to keep on turning the thread around the bangle.  I was really successful in my attempt. So, now I thought the next step is to share my idea with my IMBB friends.

How To Make Thread Bangles Do It Yourself

All you need for the project is:


1. Silk threads of different colors. Cotton threads are to be avoided as it would not look that good and shining as the silk ones.

2. A pair of scissors.

3. Some old bangles of any shape and according to your size. I took a plastic wavy old bangle.

4. Yes, lots of patience and some spare time.



Let us begin with it:

  • The first step is to take the bangle and clean it properly. There should not be any oily or dusty surface.
  • Take 5 or 6 strands of threads on your hand. The strands of threads should not be too long or it shall become difficult to manage. I took 30 cm long strands (that is length of one long ruler).
  • IMAGE 4

  • Then, start wrapping the thread strands around the bangle in a similar direction and in an organized manner. It should not be wrapped in a haphazard manner as it would look ugly.
  • IMAGE 5

  • When the first batch of thread strand ends, tie up a knot with the loose end of the threads with the fresh batch of thread strands and chop of the remaining part. Please tie the knot very tightly as there is every possibility of the thread slipping away since it is silky. After that, you can continue the wrapping process around the bangle. When the next batch is over, just repeat the knot again.
  • IMAGE 6

  • Keep the thread strands turning around the bangle till you cover the whole bangle completely. The reason behind taking 5 or 6 strands of threads together is to speed up the wrapping process saving time and energy.

So, here is the thread bangle.  It is a work of great patience. You can also try with more colored reds, mix different colored threads to make a multi-colored thread bangle. Just remember that the finishing may not be that smooth like the one we buy from the market, but never mind, this bangle will be the fruit of our labor and it will be the best for us.



Thread Bangle

Hope you liked my DIY. Please give your feedback and queries are most welcome in case you have any doubt or if you want me to explain any step a bit more clearly 🙂

Keep Smiling  🙂

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19 thoughts on “How To Make Thread Bangles – Do It Yourself

  1. wooowiiieeeeee Ishani..I love such thread bangles…will take out the thread bundles from my mom’s tailoring kit and will make it.. 🙂

    1. Just buy the same colored thread and start wrapping the same around d damaged part in your bangle in a neat manner. I think it sud work

    2. hey neha! just dilute some fevicol glue with water and dip a paint brush into it. then gently stroke the area with the mixture. once it dries, the fevicol will become transparent and wont show and ur bangles will be as good as new 🙂 also while making this bangle, coat your old bangle with a mixture of fevicol and water before you start wrapping the thread. after finishing one coat of the thread wrap, coat it again with the glue mix and wrap thread one more time. this way, your bangles will be sturdier and the thread will never come off 🙂

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