Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched

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A well fitted blouse is quintessential with a perfect saree. In today’s post let’s talk about some tips that will help you get the blouse of your dreams.

Consider your face shape:

Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched hi neck

You may find it odd but your face shape actually matters a lot! If you are wearing a high neck blouse with a round face then it will make your face look so much bulkier but if you are wearing a low cut or linear neckline then that makes your face look slimmer. So consider your face shape and then choose a neckline to go with it.

blouse design 2

Consider your body shape:

Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched v neck

A good blouse that is in accordance with your body shape can give the illusion of fuller breasts or can conceal the heavy bust area. Girls with heavy busts can go for blouses that are made with lightweight fabrics, such as satin, georgette or crepe and avoid deep necklines. Smaller busted girls can go for V-Necks and Empire Basques.

blouse design ideas

Decide on the Design:

Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched full hand

Don’t go by latest back neck designs for blouses that your tailor shows you and insists upon! Go for something that will look good on your body and will go great with the design of your saree. Have a bit of idea on what you are looking for and tell your tailor about it.

Right Bra, Right Measurements:
When you are getting yourself measured, make sure you wear your best fitted bra so that your bust area is properly measured. If you are going for in-built cups then get appropriate bra cups in your size and get them fitted in the right place.

Balance the details:
If your saree or your lehenga is too heavy then do not go overboard with the blouse! Keep it simple with classy design which will shine through and will also compliment the heaviness of dupatta, lehenga or saree!

Choose the fabric wisely:

Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched sheer

If you are planning to get the material by yourself to go with the saree then having a bit of knowledge about fabrics won’t hurt! Picking the right fabric for your blouse that will go well with your saree can be quite a challenge. Choose your fabric depending on what would be the most comfortable and feasible choice according to the occasion and season. Also, some fabrics are see-through so don’t forget to get the matching lining too.

Choose the sleeve length carefully:

Tips to Get the Perfect Sari Blouse Stitched (2)

You can experiment and customize the sleeves of the blouse according to your needs. If you have flabby arms then go for semi-transparent fabrics and 3/4th sleeves. If you slimmer arms then you can experiment with variety of sleeves designs.

Let Your Body Feel Good Too
Don’t think one size smaller blouse will make you look thinner in appearance. It will just make the breathing process difficult. So aim for proper fitting and not fitting when it comes to the blouse. The right fit is paramount when you get the blouse stitched.

Additional tips:
1. If you feel that the fit of the blouse is not up to the mark then don’t hesitate to go to your tailor again and again!
2. When you go for the final fitting, wear the blouse with the bra you plan to wear and move around in it to find out any discomfort that might follow!
3. Get the blouse made a bit loose, because it can be tailored tighter later but the reverse can’t be done.
4. Don’t wear something which would take the attention off your beautiful saree so if your saree is heavily embellished then go for a complimenting simple blouse with nothing fancy.
5. Do not forget to ask your tailor to hook up buttons around the shoulder of your blouse. These buttons keep the bra straps tucked in.
6. If you are wearing a backless blouse, you can possibly go for the Backless Adhesive Bra, or use the bra cups that stick on your body.

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