Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05 Review, Photos


Claims : Disperse powder evenly all of your face with the bronzer brush by Tom Ford. The soft, natural hair bristles are designed to pick up the optimal amount of product so you achieve gorgeous, radiant skin. You can also use it as an allover face blending tool to smooth lines after makeup application.
Price : USD 115

My Experience with Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05
Today is big fat brush review day for me. 😀 I am sharing another chubby brush from my collection. This one is Tom Ford’s bronzer brush. It pretty much belongs to the family of Tom Ford Cheek Brush. This one is like the big brother. 😀
It is a gorgeous luxurious looking brush with bronze handle and gold ferrule. Very true to Tom Ford’s makeup packaging. It is natural fibre brush with a tapered bottom and the bristles fan out on the top. It almost looks like a deep dense fan brush. For those who apply bronzer (not to confuse with contouring powder), I think it would totally make your application time in seconds. It perfectly sits on the points of face where sun would naturally hit you so you need a diffused natural application of bronzer there. Because of how it is designed, it makes for a precise application without going all over the face. The brush is feathery soft against the skin. Not only it looks gorgeous, it spoils your rotten with its luxurious touch.
I use it for all kinds of powder application. Sometimes heavy handedly and sometimes just to disperse setting power to set my makeup. I also find it very useful to blur my blush/ contour lines..It diffuses the edges and makes the makeup look smooth and seamless. I find myself reaching out for it a lot for that purpose. The bristles at the bottom are packed but are fluffy at the top. It is still a dense brush but the bristles have quite a movement. It picks up just the right amount of product and since the bristles can bend , it makes for a flawless application. The brush is quite lightweight despite of it being so chubby and fluffy. This has white bristles but since I mostly use it for powder products, cleaning it has not been an issues. I haven’t seen any shedding with this brush.

Tom Ford brushes are damn expensive but they are also very finely crafted brushes. They are investments that would last you longer. If you can, you should definitley include them in your collection.
Rating : 5/5




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