Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit and Skin Illuminating Powder Duo 01 Moodlight Review

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Today, I am reviewing two amazing products from Tom Ford – one is the Brow Sculpting Kit and the second is the Illuminating Powder Duo in the shade “Moodlight.” Both have been total favourites in my kit from the past few months.


Tom Ford Illuminating Powder Duo Moodlight Review:

Product Description:
Tom Ford created this highlighting and illuminating powder duo to capture the two most flattering types of natural light on the skin: a soft white shade is like the luminous glow of daylight and a radiant golden shade is like the romantic illusion of candlelight. These lightly shimmering shades can be applied individually or layered together to create a multi-dimensional glow.
(USD 80 / INR 5400 approximately).


My Experience with Skin Illuminating Powder Duo 01 Moodlight:

Can we please take a moment to drool at how absolutely stunning the highlighter is. 😛 It is crazy expensive but that’s Tom Ford for you. They always have these notorious prices, but at least, they have done an absolutely fantastic job on their products. So, this “romantically named” highlighter is a duo powder highlighter. One color is a pale champagne gold and the other one is a gorgeous bronze-y rose gold.


The idea behind the lighter shade is to capture the soft luminous glow of the day light and the golden shade is to capture the romantic illusion of candlelight. They seriously know how to sell their products. 😛 It is one heck of a highlighter duo. The lighter shade can totally be used during the day time because the pigment is not very strong, so it is soft and day time perfection. The bronze-y shade has a stronger pigment and is apt for using in evenings. And you can totally mix the both and go for that “glow of Gods” look.


I find it quite a buildable highlighter. It’s not like your theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer or Anastasia Peach Highlighter where one swipe gives you a strong pack of highlighter. This one, you can play with high strong or soft highlight you want. I mean I am not the one for subtle highlight, so I totally pack it on with 2-3 swipes and it gives the most luminous gorgeous glow to the skin.


The powders are so finely milled and smooth. They do not accentuate the pores. There are no chunky shimmery particles. It just looks beautiful on the skin. I love how there are two colors in the palette because it caters to people of all skin tones and if you have olive skin tone like mine, you could totally benefit from both the shades. I have worn it for as long as 8-9 hours and I haven’t seen it fading even once. It gets softer as hours pass by, but still, the glow stays until you really remove your makeup after long hours.

I still would not call it a Holy Grail highlighter because I personally know that if I have to repurchase, I would be thinking about it. It’s not easy on the pocket for sure and these days the market is full of gorgeous illuminating powders at much lesser price. But since I have it, I absolutely adore it and use it quite ruthlessly. 😀 I would definitely recommend it as a treat to yourself. You would not be disappointed. 🙂

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Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit Review


Product Description:
The Tom Ford brow sculpting kit creates the shaped and groomed brow that is essential for defining the features and bringing structure to the face. Two highly pigmented, easily blendable shades can be applied separately or blended for a personalized, natural-looking shade. The colorless wax sets brow shape and gives a polished look. The dual-ended applicator combines a spiral comb for grooming and a brush for applying color.
USD 72 (INR 4800 approximately).


My Experience with Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit:

I am a brow addict. I have to keep my brows shaped all the time. I have to fill them up every time I go out. Fortunately, I am also blessed with good brows to start with, so it only adds up to my love for enhancing them. I really enjoyed using the Tom Ford Eyebrow Pencil to an extent that I repurchased it during my recent trip. This brow kit was a new launch in their collection, so I thought I might as well give it a shot. It is available in two shades – medium and light. Medium is for those with dark hair color and light is for mostly blondes and people with lighter brow hair.


This kit comes in a standard Tom Ford metallic copper packaging. There are 5 products in the kit – a mirror, an excellent duo brush, a wax for brow hair and two brow shades – a medium warm brown and a dark ashy brown. I mean it could not get better. You know sometimes you see those “instagram brows.” I think this was made keeping that in mind.

Those brows are lighter on the front and they go darker going towards the brow tail plus the hair is fixed and totally in place. I personally don’t bother going to that extent on most days. I mostly dip the brush in both the shades and fill the sparse areas. The wax is excellent, it goes clear on the hair, is not too stiff, but not too creamy either. Basically, it does the job of keeping hair in place and making them look fantastic.


Sometimes, I apply brow first and sometimes after using the brow powders. I don’t see any difference in either application. The tiny little brush is extremely useful except that sometimes I find it a bit thicker especially for the end of the brow. So, I twist the brush and work with the edge of the slant of the brush, but for someone who has thinner brows, the brush could totally be a let down.


Although I would have preferred that they had provided something to apply wax but it does not bother me much. I use the same brush to apply wax, do a quick cleaning on a tissue and use it for powder. Both the spoolie and the brush are of very fine quality. Both the powders are decently pigmented and very fine. They go on smoothly and are very long lasting. I feel they are not madly pigmented so it helps in controlling on how dark I want my brow to look.


Both the colors work great for my black hair. I mix the two pretty much always. The colors look natural and they don’t budge. Overall, a major fan. It’s a full package. Once you have this, you would not need anything else. You can do strong brows, natural brows, super slick brows… just anything with this one kit. I highly recommend it!

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  1. I was bowled over with your desi kudi look. Skin was looking so luminous and beautiful. If I were a boy it would be wink, wink, wink and whistle, whistle, whistle. Anyways hats off to TOM FORD illuminating powder, which I guess had a hand in adding more glow and shine. Please keep all the beautiful looks coming. You are an inspiration to us.

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