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I am at intermediate level when it comes to eyebrow grooming. I have used a few eyebrow products, but I am no way a pro. But one thing – before this kit, I had just used pencils. Brow powders and wax are new to me. I was a bit apprehensive about trying this kit, but since I had never tried any makeup product my Natio, I decided to give this one a try. I also wanted to see whether I like pencils more, or powders. So what was my experience like? Would I recommend this much raved about kit to all of you? Keep reading, you’ll find out! 🙂

brow kit

Product Description:
The essential tools for smooth, perfect brows in one easy-to-carry compact.

The kit includes two Brow Powders, in Light and Medium which can be blended to create the perfect shade; Brow Wax to groom brows and hold hair in place; a Slanted Brow Brush to shade and sculpt, a Round Grooming Brush to smooth brows; along with handy Tweezers, and a Mirror.

How to Use:
Beautiful brows have never been so easy. Use the Slanted Brow Brush to blend the two powders to match your desired colour. With smooth strokes shape and define brows and fill in any gaps. Use the tweezers to pluck any stray hairs. Using the Slanted Brow Brush, apply the brow wax to set the colour. Smooth with the Round Grooming Brush to hold brows in place.

packaging from back

INR 1190

My Experience with Natio Brow Kit:

I love its packaging. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it as it looks very classy. The transparent and black packaging definitely add to the charm. It is not something I would like to carry around in my purse though; not because it is big, but because I don’t want it to catch any scratches. Just kidding! I carry it around a lot these days. 😛 Anyway, coming back to the packaging, when you open the lid, you see two brow powders, a brow gel, a spoolie, a tiny tweezer and a double-ended brow brush.

closed packaging

But that’s not all! It contains a very useful mirror too. But I do not use it much, for it is a magnifying mirror and I am able to see my flaws up close with it. 😛 At the back there is every detail about the product – a little description, ingredients, dates etc. Very good packaging; looks worth the price you have paid. One thing I do not like about the packaging is that it attracts dust.

Under a different light

• Brow Powders and Wax
The texture of the brow powders is very fine. It is super easy to work with, and gets clinged to the brows and skin for a long time. Since there are two shades available, one can easily mix and match the shades, to make a custom one too. The “Light/Medium” powder is too light for me. It is a very light brown shade which is very apt to fill in the front part of the brows. But I mostly use the “Medium/Dark” shade. It is a dark brown shade with slightly grey undertones, meant for thicker and darker brows. I think most of us are going to prefer this shade. It helps in adding a lot of definition to the brows, and is perfect for filling the outer 2/3rd part of the brows.

eyebrow powders and wax

With such shade ranges, many people of different skin tones and hair color can use this kit. Also, this kit can help you create natural as well as dramatic brow looks. After using this kit for sometime I realised that it is better for eyebrow filling than eyebrow shaping. I have thick and dark eyebrows but they are not in perfect shape. I like the wax, it is transparent and makes the brows behave well. But, it is not long lasting and those few, unruly hairs become same as before.

eyebrow grooming tools

• Slanted Brush
I use Essence Eyebrow Pencil to define my brows and to enhance the arches. Using this kit is not particularly easy for me since I do not get the kind of precision I want with the brush provided with this kit. It is a good brush for eyebrow filling, but not the perfect one to outline and to add more definition. It is soft but I wish it were a little thicker. Once the brow wax gets applied to the brush, it becomes a bit stiff, but then it has to be cleaned.

• Tweezers
I really like the tweezer in this set. It is so tiny yet very easy to work with. Its tip is a very good example of how good tweezers should be. The tips is not sharp, holds even tiny hair and pulls hair out very well. It is a bit tighter than usual tweezers, but I do not mind it.

• Spoolie
Very functional spoolie. It helps me blending the shades well after application and in removing all the harsh edges. What I do not like about it is that it accumulates a lot of powder over time. But it means that this spoolie removes a lot of color from the brows.

eyebrow grooming kit

Staying Power:
I am very impressed with the staying power of this kit. I am not sure about the longevity of the wax, but these powders do last for around 8 hours on my brows. They do get worn off with time, and brows do not look as perfect after say around 5 hours. But it is good enough for someone who uses this kit to make eyebrows look fuller. It is not waterproof, so that’s a major con. Plus, do not vigorously rub your eyebrows, else it may get completely removed. You can remove all the color with a damp cotton or of course with makeup remover.

I LOVE this kit. I feel that this is an amazing kit for eyebrow filling and to add a little definition. The texture, staying power, colors of wax and powders -everything is perfect. I also like to use the lighter shade to add a nice, natural-looking definition (contouring) to my face, and it actually works amazing in that aspect too. It looks very good and stays on my skin the entire day. What else could I have asked for! 🙂

By the way, Saloni has already reviewed this very nice Makeup Revolution Light – Medium Focus and Fix Brow Kit. That one is also an excellent kit; read the review, you’ll find out why.

close up

Heavily Swatched:

eyebrow powders swatch

Before and After:

eyebrow before and after

Pros of Natio Brow Kit:

• Packaging
• In-built mirror
• Two shades – can be used separately or can be mixed
• Can help create natural as well as dramatic looks
• Staying power
• Tools are very useful
• Perfect kit for eyebrow filling
• Wax can tame stray hairs
• Powders can be used for contouring

Cons of Natio Brow Kit:

• Brushes cannot give the precision of a pencil
• Not perfect for shaping the brows
• Parabens in powders
• Price

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Natio Brow Kit?
No because I am still more inclined towards good brow pencils that can help me shape my brows better.

Would I Recommend Natio Brow Kit?
I recommend it to everyone who likes eyebrow grooming products and/or has sparse brows. This is definitely one of the best eyebrow kits available in the Indian market. It has good shades and tools. Go for it!

PS : The model is, again, my younger sister as I am bad at clicking selfies. She has modeled for me here and here too. 😛

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