Top 10 Celebrities with Curly Hair Style

Curly hair never goes out of trend! Take a look at these celebs who flaunt curly hair with ease, and I always picture them with curls though they might have had showcased other styles as well 🙂

Kangana Ranaut:

Initially I never liked her flat curls with volume on the sides, but in these pics, like you can see, the volume has been shifted to the crown with style and I think it adds a ton of oomph to her naturally curly hair.

kangana ranaut hair


kangna ranaut



Andie Macdowell:

I have pretty much seen her flaunting her screw curls, and I think she looks lovely whatsoever!

andie mcdowell curly hair (1)


andie mcdowell curly hair (2)



Oprah Winfrey:


My sister is a huge fan of hers and hence I did happen to watch her shows, she carries curly hair so well, at such a comfortable length.








I think she carries her short hair as well as she carries the curls, but personally I think she looks younger in shorter hair 🙂





Omg when I think curls, I think of her, she is super awesome!

beyonce hair (2)


beyonce hair (1)



Nicole Kidman:


I suppose she has naturally wavy hair, but she is simply stunning whatsoever!

nicole kidman curly hair




Sarah Jessica Parker:

I am a huge huge fan of SATC but not essentially her fan, she has probably the best curls around and an amazing style icon she is no doubt.






Taylor Swift:

She has the most talked about curls don’t you think?

taylor swift hair2


taylor swift hair1


Kate Hudson:

She looks most comfortable in these natural looking curls I think each of us can carry day to day IMO.

kate hudson




One evergreen lady, adore her absolutely. I have seen her in curls like forever.

madonna curly hair (2)


madonna curly hair (1)

So these are essentially my favorite celebs, I am sure you have yours too, tell us which are the celebs you think carry curly hair best?:)

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities with Curly Hair Style

  1. Wowww… what a lovely post… *clap* *clap* I had curls like kate hudson’s second pic… I did not like them then… pressed and pressed them and then got them smoothened and now they are semi wavy and semi-straight… *cry*

  2. i always love to flaunt curly hair but couldnt get it proper as i have natural straight and silky hair… i like beach wavy or say half curly hair!!! 🙂

  3. I feel like doing curls now after seeing these posts. I love kangana’s curls a lot. I think they make her look so much fun. and your are right beyonce’s are just OMG. Sooo stunning!! Brilliant post neha *clap* *clap* *clap*

  4. awesome.. *woot* I wanna curly hair now.. *pigtail* *preen* Thank god aadya’s hair are curling lke maggi. erlier i ws thinking of shaving off her curls till they become straight.. *haan ji* but nw I think i shud nurture her curls.. *happydance* *happydance*

  5. These ladys look so gorgeous with their curls, *jalwa* but then I had this curly hair that was frizzy too. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* my frizzy hair.
    Ask any straight hair girl she would say (90%) that she yearns for curly hair
    And ask anyone with curly hair they would say just the opposite. Mostly. Telling from my experience I have naturally black thick curly hair…umm almost like Kangana’s but I got it rebonded since 2008.

    1. I love curls.. I have super straight hair..
      Thinking of getting perms, but scared also. Does getting perms causes harm?
      Anyone had done perming here.. Pls advise

  6. Loved Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.. *jai ho* *whistle* and i would like to add our own Deepika Padukone who looks awesome in curls and how can we forget Shakira 😀 *jai ho*

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