My Hair Care Routine Curly Hair

My Hair Care Routine

My Hair Care Routine

In my earlier article about my hair routine, I gave detailed instructions on how I have been doing my hair every single day for the past few years, please read it over here.

    • This routine will work ONLY for Type 3 and Type 4 hair. If you have Type 1 or Type 2 hair, DO NOT even think of trying this. It will just turn your hair into a slick mess.

    • Some people have expressed that when they switch to conditioner washing, their hair is oily and limp for the first 2 weeks, and then it becomes all nice. Frankly, I’ve no idea what they mean, since that never happened to me.
    • If you want your curls to be defined, you MUST use a leave in mandatorily, compulsorily, definitely. Most people who have curly hair say that their curls aren’t defined. Well, use something to define them, and then see 🙂
    • Never ever brush hair. Combing is okay, but only in the shower, when your hair is sopping wet and it’s saturated with conditioner. Brushes are generally harsher on hair than a good comb. Yes, that includes your Denman brush and your boar bristle ones as well. It’s not the brushes per se; it’s the way we tend to handle our hair with those brushes in hand. Also, brushing or combing when your hair is not sopping wet just serves to separate those beautiful curls and yes, you guessed it, makes frizz, loads of it.

Hair brush

    • Don’t touch your hair during the day. If you see flyaways or frizzy parts, please do not brush them out! Instead, twist and control. More about that later.

curly hair

    • I don’t use gel or mousse or hairspray, contrary to what many people assume. I only use conditioner. Conditioner is my leave-in, my regular conditioner, and my shampoo. Yes, I do get bored sometimes. No, I don’t mind, because my hair looks good, feels good, and the ingredients are good for it.
    • Read the ingredients list! Very important! Make a habit of reading each and every ingredient on the back of the bottle (yes, that includes that nasty-looking thirteen letter one). This way, you’ll know what to buy and what to avoid. For instance, say your hair frizzes up in humidity. You’ll want to avoid humectants in conditioners (eg. glycerine), since it attracts moisture into hair and makes it poofy.
    • If you do all this, and during the day, you sweat and the conditioner mixture you put on your hair earlier starts to mix with your sweat and drip down your neck, you’re using too much condish. Use half the quantity the next time.

curly hairstyle

  • I do not want to color my hair, knowing all about damage, etc. I also know very well that once I start to, I won’t stop at just coloring. I’ll want to go in for highlights, then foils, then balayage, then ombre hair, see what I mean? :toothygrin: That’s why, I henna my hair. Before you shake your head and wonder what the connection is, I’ll explain. Henna and hair dye don’t mix. If you have one on, you can’t have the other. Sure, henna is a bit drying for my hair, but that’s definitely way better than the host of torture it’ll have to suffer if I embark on a hair coloring journey!
  • I avoid sulphates and silicones completely.  More about that coming up later. Silicones cause buildup and sulphates are drying for my hair at least.
  • As I said above, if you have Type 1 or possibly Type 2 hair, this won’t work for you. For hair types, see this link.
  • The straighter hair is, the easier it is for our natural oils to travel down the hair shaft and keep the whole hair strand moisturized. For curly hair, on the other hand, oil takes time to travel down all those beautiful waves and curls, thus leaving you with hair dry enough to complain about! However, whatever your hair type, if your current routine of silicones/sulphates works for you, continue with that and don’t switch over!
  • If even after two weeks or so, your hair still feels awful, then maybe you’re not doing something quite right. It’s also possible that this just isn’t for you. If you get better results with your regular routine, then go back to that. If not, then you can always ask me on IMBB, I’ll be around somewhere in the comments 🙂

Till next time,

With lots of love,


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24 thoughts on “My Hair Care Routine Curly Hair

  1. :waytogo: grt article….can u plz tell me is there any specifics for type 1 hair…my hair just curls inside at the i’ve long-poker straight-used to be silky but now little frizzy hair….plz give me suggestions…I’m little lazy with oiling…. :thanks: :puchhi: :puchhi: :headbang:

  2. Another brilliant article, Samantha! :woot: :woot: I can’t have enough of the curly hair care routine posts. 😀 :pigtail:

    Do an article on conditioner ingredients, please. Like which ingredients fall in the category of silicone-based and which all to avoid in certain weather (as in that glycerin tip mentioned above) etc. :-/

    1. Hey Sam, I agree with JW. I badly need a silicone free conditioner to start the co-wash routine…please do a post on which brands are considered silicone free and economical for daily use. Thanks

  3. Samantha,

    I’ve not read this article, b4 that i wanted ask u how u can read my mind. i took a hair wash on saturday and was thinking to put a question to u on this :worship: .

    Samantha u rock :waytogo: :waytogo:

    Thank you :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. samantha i loved your review i myself have curly hair but straightening for yeara has damaged my hair but now no more straightening i wanna celebrate curls cant wait to chop up the remaining straightened hair and enjoy my lovely curls :clap: :clap:

  5. loved ur review!! me too have curls but not much defined like urs, but too much of frizziness i tried many produtcs… enliven is good to treat frizz….

    1. It’s not that Enliven is a miracle product or anything. As I mentioned, any product without sulphates or silicones works for me.
      It can be any brand; the brand is irrelevant! 🙂

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