Top 10 Eyebrow Products that will Frame Your Face Beautifully

By Aditya M.

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When it comes to the most important feature of our face, we mainly think it’s our eyes or maybe even our smile. Eyes come first to our mind because they’re very expressive and can tell a lot about a person. As they say, “Eyes are the windows to your soul.” However, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Matter of fact, eyes, nose and lips aren’t included in the most important features according to science. It’s our eyebrows! They may be thick and bushy or sparse and thin or anywhere in between, but they’re the most important feature of your face.

Top 10 eyebrow products

Although eyebrows’ main function is to fight dust and sweat from getting into your eyes, brows are said to have a strong significance for emotional expression as well as facial recognition. They’re also something that women around the world take time to groom and shape. A survey conducted in UK found that British Women spend nearly $3.6 million on their eyebrows yearly. I can only imagine how much women in India are spending on their eyebrows as we were naturally gifted with thicker eyebrows.

In the early 2000’s, researchers from University of Lethbridge in Canada conducted an experiment in which they showed 25 different celebrities without their eyes, most participants were able to guess the correct name of the celebrity. However, when they removed their eyebrows instead, they were almost unrecognizable. 56% were able to identify the celebrities when the eyes were taken out, but only 46% were able to identify when their eyebrows were removed. Researcher Javid Sadir says, “If the eyebrows aren’t there, it really messed up the way the visual system is designed to find and process faces.”

Pretty eye makeup blue

Based on this study, we can conclude that eyebrows are very necessary for facial recognition.  As thicker and lusher eyebrows are becoming a trend, this seems to make sense. They’re all the rage right now to the point that there are phrases like “eyebrows on fleek” and “eyebrows on point” being posted all over social media websites and applications like Facebook and Instagram. Let’s be honest, we all know how much we would kill for Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows and since not all of us are gifted with a pair of gorgeous eyebrows, we’ll have to compensate with eyebrow serums and powders that are all becoming popular nowadays.

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We can assume that it’s safe to say that it’s okay to spend a little more on our eyebrow shaping endeavors because of the study. It’s an investment in the most important part of your face (at least this is what I’ll keep in mind to make me feel a bit more rational).

How to fill in brows

In order to achieve these wonderful thick lashes, there are several products that we can use.  Here’s a list of the top 10 popular eyebrow products:

1. Urban Decay Brow Box:  This little box retails for $29 and comes with everything you need. It includes tweezers, brushes, mirrors, as well as two shades of powders to fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows.

2. Clinique Instant Lift for Eyebrows:  This retails at $16.95 and it is a pencil that fills in your eyebrows on one end and has a highlighter on the other. This actually comes out much more naturally than you would expect from a pencil, but it’s best topped off with a little bit of brow powder to reduce its sharpness.

Clinique-Instant-Lift-for-Brows-Black Brown

3. L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper:  This retails for $10.95 and it’s a brow gel mascara that can be directly applied onto your lashes making them stand straight which makes them appear thicker. This can be followed by an eyebrow powder to set everything into place.


4. Ramy Brown Master Stencils:  We all know how difficult it is to fill in our eyebrows without shaking in order to get the perfect end result. These stencils provide a guideline for you to draw perfectly and they retail for $20.

5. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil:  This product is a wild mix of powder, gel, and wax which gives a very natural look when applied. The triangle-shaped tip will help you fill in your brows and it retails at $32.

6. Brow Brush by Rimmel:  This brush is by far one of the best drugstore products for your eyebrows. The soft tip will fade away any harsh lines making your eyebrows look naturally thick and shapely. This retails for $3.

7. CK Brow Duo:  This is a pencil and gel duo which fixes any gaps and tames flyaways with the gel. It keeps eyebrows in place all day long and it retails for $22.

8. Clinique Highlighter Duo:  Highlighting the brow bone will give you a sharper and neater shape. This is a brow pencil and highlighter in one and it retails for $17.50

9. MAC Brow Set:  This is a brush on gel that strokes and keeps eyebrow strands in place throughout the day, it’s also supposed to be waterproof and contains a non-clumping formula. This retails for $17.

MAC brow set

10. Benefit Instant Brow Pencil:  This pencil is waxy which gives a less sharp and intense texture. This is perfect for those who want everyday and natural-looking eyebrows. This retails at $20.


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  1. And I would like to add 2 more products here:

    1. MAC eyebrow pencil

    2. Anastasia of Beverly Hills – they have a huge range of products just for the brows – and that too In a whole spectrum of shades from blonde to brunette!

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