Top 40 Coral Lipsticks to Rock This Summer!

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Aren’t compilations the best thing about a blog? They make it so easy to decide on which stunning make-up product to add to your shopping bag next! And with summer comes the phase of running to counters to get some refreshing coral lippies! But finding the perfect shade of coral is a task as coral is a “too hot to handle” type shade. So I decided to make this list to make things easier. Hope you get the perfect coral!

Coral lipsticks

1. Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Stay With Me Coral

maybelline-Super-Stay-14hr-lipstick-Stay-With-Me-coralThis is not exactly coral but a pretty bright pink with coral tint. The lipstick brightens up the face instantly. It looks really bright in day light, somewhat like near to neon-ish coral pink and looks super pretty on lips.

2. Maybelline Super Stay 14 hr Lipstick 055 Keep me Coral

Keep me coral is a very pretty shade. It is a coral shade with brown undertones to it. It is a bright shade with a creamy finish to it. It has tiny glitter also which give it a rich look.

3. Maybelline Iced Coral 137 Color Show Lipstick

Maybelline Iced Coral 137 Color Show LipstickIced Coral is a lovely peach with coral hints. It is not a very ‘brightening’ color but it goes with loud eye makeup well. It has loads of silver shimmer in them which does not feel gritty.

Top 40 Shades of Coral to Rock This Summer!

4. Colorbar Light Coral Ultimate 8 Hrs Stay Lipstick

Colorbar Light Coral Ultimate 8 Hrs Stay LipstickLight Coral is a gorgeous milky peachy-orange shade with absolutely no shimmer or sheen. The color is bright, but not neon, so you can comfortably wear this shade even to work. It is a lovely shade that brightens up your face, but does not scream for attention.

5. Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral

LOTUS HERBALS CORALThis is a very girly colour which can be carried off easily, it is not a dull shade and not so bold too. During application, the creamy texture allows you to swipe it easily on the lips without much effort.

6. Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick – Coral Reef

CHAMBOR CORAL REEFThe colour is out of this world and I am short of words to define the colour. It is a coral, peachy pink, sometimes carrot plus pink, sometimes a little brick.

7. Elle 18 #05 Coral Nude Color Boost Lipstick

Elle-18-05-Coral-Nude-Color-Boost-LipstickCoral Nude swatches as a nice orange shade but on the lips it looks like a milky coral nude. The lipstick is very aptly named as ‘Coral Nude’ It’s a very pretty nude with some hints of orange in it. This shade will flatter fair skin tones.

8. Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

A true coral shade, bright one at that. This is the kind of lipstick which one can wear with a little face and eye makeup and it brightens the look instantly.

9. Maybelline Color Show Rock the Coral Creamy Matte Lip Color

Maybelline-Color-Show-Rock-The-Coral-Creamy-Matte-Lip-ColorRock the Coral is really a perfect way to rock the coral color on lips. It’s a very pretty coral shade. The shade looks so natural on the lips. It actually looks like a peachy coral. But under different lights, it looks sometimes pinky coral. It looks soothing and natural. This goes perfectly for both day and night looks.

10. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Coral Candy Long Lasting Lip Colour

Lotus-Herbal-Ecostay-Coral-Candy-Long-Lasting-Lip-ColourCoral Candy is a gorgeous bright coral pink shade without any shimmer or sheen. The name ‘Coral Candy’ given to it is apt for the shade it is. The colour comes out exactly as how it looks in the tube. This colour screams out ‘summer’, and all skin toned beauties can rock this shade in the coming summer beautifully.

11. Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lipstick – Coral Rose

Lotus-Herbals-Pure-Colors-Lipstick-Coral-RoseThe color reminds me of the Red Rose shade, but this one is far too pretty; this is a must have pink. I am not sure of the coral in it but surely it has some amazing rose in it; it has this carrot tinge instead of coral and is a deeper pink which really brightens the face.

12. Chambor Orosa Tender Coral #521 Lip Perfection Lipstick

Chambor-Orosa-Tender-Coral-521-Lip-Perfection-LipstickThe shade is lovely peachy coral. It looks simple, sophisticated and polished at the same time. It can be worn daily to office/college without looking OTT.

13. Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick – Shocking Coral

Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick – Shocking CoralThe color “Shocking Coral” is definitely SHOCKING! It’s a bright pinky coral with a touch of fuchsia – quite like MAC Impassioned. It’s loud; it’s in your face. It’s not for the faint hearted.

14. Elle 18 Color Pops Coral Romance

Elle 18 Color Pops Coral RomanceElle 18 Coral Romance is a crazily pretty coral pink colour that girls would love to flaunt.

15. Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick – Nude Coral

It is a beautiful coral shade which is not “in your face coral”, but a subtle coral with slight pinkish brown under tones. It can be easily worn on a daily basis.

16. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Coral Care

lakme-lip-love-lipstick-coral-careThe color is a super creamy coral pink, all glossy and no shimmer; we all love such corals. It has some tinge of pink but overall it is a glossy coral and it gives a plumped effect to the lips. The no shimmer and all crème factor will make you fall in love with it; one swipe is just enough.

17. Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral

Clinique-long-last-lipstick-runway-coralFor the Indian skintone, this is definitely NOT bold or neonish. On the contrary, I think it is an excellent alternative for people who would like a bright coral but not something as bold or OTT as MAC Impassioned or Estee Lauder Coral Fantasy.

18. L’Oreal Tropical Coral Color Riche Lipstick

The lipstick has just the right amount of glamour which won’t be over the top and is wearable on a day-to-day basis. The perfect combination of shimmer and coral hues is what this shade screams. It is a nice orangey shade that you look flattering on a wide range of skin-tones.

19. L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick 301 Dating Coral

LOreal_Paris_Rouge_Caresse_Lipstick_301_Dating_CoralDating Coral is a peachy pink color with orange undertones and has mild silver shimmer. It’s a natural easy to wear everyday shade. I am in love with the weightless feathery formula of this lipstick. It feels velvety on the lips. Pigmentation is awesome, much better than other lip butters/balms available in the market.

20. Elizabeth Arden Coral Vibrations Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

Elizabeth-Arden-Coral-Vibrations-Ceramide-Ultra-LipstickThe shade “Coral Vibrations” is a pinky peachy coral – truly vibrant. It really brightens up the face. It screams summer and is fairly neonish, and would look more so on darker skin tones.

21. Diana of London Sweet Coral Pure Addiction Lipstick

Diana-of-London-Sweet-Coral-Pure-Addiction-LipstickSweet Coral is a gorgeous milky, peachy-orange shade with absolutely no shimmer or sheen. The color is bright, but not neon. So, you can comfortably wear this shade even to work.

22. Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Coral Plus

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Coral PlusCoral Plus is a soft coraly pink. It’s a very on the go color. Looks great on day to day basis. You can perk this up with a bit of shimmery gloss for the evening.

23. L’Oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick Shiny Coral

L’Oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick Shiny CoralShiny Coral is a sheer pink color with hints of coral and peach in it. It looks more coral than pink in the swatch but on lips, it gives more of pink tones. It is a perfect color for summers. It will suit fair skin tones the best.

24. Elle 18 Colorpops Lipstick – 33 Coral Shine

Elle 18 Colorpops Lipstick - 33 Coral ShineThis shade is a gorgeous coral one which will make you go weak in the knees! It is a true coral which gives that pop of color to the face.

25. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Coral Berry

Coral Berry is a warm coral lipstick with pink undertones. It is not a matte lipstick. It has got a few golden sparkles and the texture of this lipstick is very creamy.

26. Tom Ford True Coral Lip Colour

tom-ford-lipstick-true-coralTrue Coral 09 is an orangey coral shade. Again the warm undertones make it very flattering for a whole range of skin tones.

27. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – Coral Garden

Rimmel_Moisture_Renew_Lipstick_Coral_Garden“Coral Garden” is a beautiful medium coral shade. Many a times, coral lipsticks become a bit hard to wear for work or in a formal environment, owing to the brightness of the color. This coral is a perfect solution for that! It is bright enough to brighten up your face, but is also subdued enough that you can wear it for work too! The color would suit all skin tones well.

28. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Coral Incentive

Lakme_9_to_5_Lip_Color Coral_IncentiveThis shade is quite unique. First of all, the color suits most of the Indian skin tones. True coral it is and this brightens up face instantly. This shade is on lighter side and gives a natural matte pinkish coral finish on your lips.

29. Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Coral Fantasy

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Coral FantasyCoral Fantasy is a gorgeous medium neon coral. It does not have any shimmer. The finish and texture is creamy.

30. Lakme Absolute Coral Pink Gloss Addict
Lakme-Absolute-Coral-Pink-Gloss-AddictThis shade is a perfect blend of gorgeous deep coral shade along with hot pink and that blend gives out a stunning shade called coral pink. It is a very bright, bold and a poppy shade which will instantly brighten up your face the moment you apply.

31. Lakme Absolute Coral Lustre Gloss Addict

Lakme-Absolute-Coral-Lustre-Gloss-AddictThis shade is a gorgeous, peachy, coral colour and looks extremely refreshing, when applied. It is a perfect colour for spring and summer. It instantly creates a pop on the lips, as soon as you apply it. The shade is not very vibrant but good enough to be noticeable.

32. Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gradation Coral 1

maybelline coral 1Coral 1 is an extremely beautiful coral shade with a hint of pink. It has a neonish touch to it, so it might not suit every skin tone. It can wash out dusky beauties easily. But it looks so pretty on light to medium skin tones. It looks very natural pinkish coral, and is a perfect shade for summers.

33. Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick – Coral Kiss

Estee-Lauder-Signature-Lipstick-Coral-KissIt’s a pretty orangey coral colour and has little shimmer in it too; it’s not a matte lipstick but I feel it is more on the metallic side, not very metallic though but gives a good glossy effect after applying.

34. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Lover’s Coral

Lover’s Coral is a shiny peach/coral shade that is a warm toned orange-y pink. It is the perfect substitute for a pink-ey nude lipstick because it is a very neutral colour yet it does not wash you out. This colour is perfect for everyday use.

35. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick – Defiant Coral

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Sculpting Lipstick – Defiant CoralThe shade is pinkish coral – does not lean toward too orange or reddish. The coolness of the colour will get accentuated with the warmth of the skin colour. However, IMO, it will not look too loud or garish on any skin tone.

36. L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color – Coral Encore

L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss – Coral Encore“Coral Encore” is a true coral shade with a hint of orange in artificial light while it seems more pink deep coral in natural day light.

37. L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Erotique #640 Lipstick

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Erotique #640 LipstickThe shade is a matte pinkish coral and is of medium to buildable pigmentation. You can wear it sheer or full-on, as per your choice. It is such a perfect balance of pink and coral that is sure to win lots of hearts.

38. NARS Grace Audacious Lipstick

NARS-Grace-Audacious-Lipstick-GraceDescribed aptly as a “bright pink coral,” this is a happy summer shade which really brightens the face and would suit all skin tones.

39. Lakme Absolute Coral Pink Lip Tint Creme

Lakme-Absolute-Coral-Pink-Lip-Tint-CremeThis coral pink shade might turn out to look a bit neon initially, but it settles into a very refreshing coral colour. The colour takes a bit of time to intensify, so do not rush up and keep swiping it. The colour intensifies and become darker and is suitable for Indian skin tones.

40. NARS Juliette Audacious Lipstick

NARS JulietteYou can describe it as a bright pink coral with a hint of golden micro shimmer.

Hope you liked this post. If you need any more compilations, do let me know!

P.S.: All the description are from Writer’s POV.

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