How To Treat Dark Elbows At Home

How To Treat Dark Elbows At Home

Whether it is because of too much of environmental stress and chafing or due to unfavorable external factors, lack of proper care or genetic disorders, dark elbows are always so troublesome to women of every age and era! That is why, I thought of coming up with an article where we can get to know about some of the easiest ways to treat dark elbows. Now, to tell the truth, somehow I could fathom that you wouldn’t really want to go for expensive surgical, cosmetic or medical procedures for something like the problem of dark elbows. That is why, I have restricted myself only to home remedies when it comes to treating dark elbows. Wondering how to treat dark elbows at home? Read on.
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How to Treat Dark Elbows at Home- The Basics

You just need to follow a few simple steps on a regular basis. Be religious in following them and you would reap the benefits surely.

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Here are the basic steps to follow-
• Cleansing- Use a gentle cleanser to clean your elbows daily and properly.
• Exfoliate- First of all, you need to remove dead cells from your elbows. For that purpose, you need some nice exfoliating scrub and rub it in circular motion twice or thrice every week. For best results, do it while taking shower. At this time, the skin is moist and scrubbing is best done on soaked skin. This will not only help to remove the dead cells but also tone down the darkness of your elbows. Invest in a ready made scrub from a reputed brand or make a scrub at home by using honey, lemon juice and sugar. Both are effective.
• Moisturize- When the elbow skin is dry and dehydrated, it looks all the more rough and dark. So, moisturize your elbows to prevent them from getting scaly and coarse. Immediately after patting your elbows dry (whether after scrubbing or not), follow up with a thick cream or moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
• Apply natural lighteners- Natural lighteners work wonders in removing the dark patch from your elbows. Use natural lightening agents like lime juice, lemon juice and coconut oil. Find out some of these recipes in the ‘Home remedies’ section of this article.
• Sunscreen- Make sure that you do not forget to apply sunscreen generously on the elbows. This will prevent further tanning and darkening.
• Avoid a few ‘bad’ habits- Skipping the cleansing part or being lazy enough to use the scrub only once every two weeks, doing away with the application of natural lighteners altogether or leaning on your elbows on rough surfaces are what I call ‘bad’ habits. Stay away from them.

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How to Treat Dark Elbows at Home- A Few Home Remedies

home remedies
• For exfoliation, you can mix two spoons of olive oil with a spoon of sugar. Apply and leave on for sometime. Rub it and clean it off with a towel.
• Make a pack by mixing two spoons of yoghurt with almond powder (or paste). Apply and let it dry. Clean by rubbing it.
• Whenever you have some left over lemon peels at home, rub your elbows with them once in a while.
• Rub lime juice on your elbows and leave on for fifteen minutes. Wash off.
• If you have some coconut water at home, drink some and leave a little bit for washing your elbows with it.
• Massage curd and milk on your elbows.
• Mix turmeric, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply the mixture on elbows and let it dry. Wash off.
• Mix gram flour with milk and turmeric. Apply and scrub it off after sometime.
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How to Treat Dark Elbows at Home- Tips and Warnings

• Avoid using a home remedy if you get allergies or irritation. May be you are allergic to an ingredient.
• If you feel that your dark elbows are caused as a result of some medical condition that needs proper attention, visit a doctor.

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34 thoughts on “How To Treat Dark Elbows At Home

  1. Wow Somreeta,
    You won’t belive but I was planning to write an article on the same topic.
    As this is a common problem amoung most of the people working in front of computers for long, as elbows keep rubbing on the table and cause dark patches…

    I use the lemon peel, and curd + gramflore pack for my elbows offten.

    Nicely written by you. 🙂

    1. hehe..same pinch Sweta 🙂 im sure u must have written equally well!!! btw, any tips i missed out which u may like to share? would love to know them….!!! and thanks a lot 🙂

    1. hehe…indeed we r lazy people 😛
      thanks Sakhi 🙂 actually i try to write in a way so that every1 can follow easily 🙂

  2. hi all

    if elbows r really dark or very dry then u can use a cream named Cotaryl
    you can get it on any chemist shop its like lakme cream bottle
    it gives a difference within 7-8 days

  3. great article as always somreeta. your articles remind me always that I have to do the DIYs to almost everything… elbows, hair, face…:)
    I tried using glycerin and lemon drops in equal quantity. rub it to the elbows and let it dry for 10 minutes or so… wash off and moisturise… smooth even toned elbow 🙂 I found dry elbows cause the darkening mainly.. I think the fabindia lemon hand cream might help in lightening

    1. awwww……..dats so sweet Ashu! thanx 🙂 good to know the glycerin and lemon tips work for u… 🙂

  4. i guess i would start paying more attention to my elbows now, somreeta. excellent article and a great sugar + olive oil tio. easy peasy and seems super useful. 🙂

  5. Hi Somreeta! this is like a wish granted…Was worried by my elbows getting dark.. n me getting lesser time to pay attention to them..logged on and voila! an article related to my problem 🙂
    I always love your homemade beauty tips..simple and easy..
    I would keep in mind about the cleansing part..and make sure I wont act lazy n miss out on that!
    BTW Can u do a post on darkened skin on the toes..near the nails and near the sandal straps…also my skin on right foot has become dead..because I sit on the floor and make my son that part of skin which is exposed to the floor has become dead…and BLACK too 🙁

    Do reply

    1. thank you so much Nidhi! I will surely try to do such a post. esp for u….asap 🙂 this toe-darkening is surely another bothersome thing 🙁

  6. just like everyone said this is an extremely useful article. DIYs are so simple and since the ingredients are usually available at home no reason why we cant do this (besides laziness and general tendency to forget once we are off IMBB :().

    From the DIY posts that i have read, I think the most common ingredients seem to be –
    Olive oil, Honey, Yogurt, Oats, Lemon juice, coconut oil and besan

    1. indeed they r Aruna 🙂 and i always belive in DIYs which canm be done with readily availbl things! 🙂

  7. Your tips have started showing wonders. I am close to two weeks right now and i can already see the difference. Thanks 🙂

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