Makeup for Indian Skin Tone

Pre Makeup Prep

Given the hot sultry climate of the country, Indian skin is prone to oiliness. If you too suffer from this problem, start your makeup routine with cleansing your face. Apply astringent all over your face and wait for a few minutes.
makeup indian skin tone
The use of face primer and foundation powder will let the makeup blend better and stay longer on your skin. This is important, because Indian skin tends to sweat with the heat and humidity, causing makeup to smudge. Also, darker skin tones need help in letting makeup show up well. Makeup tends to appear in layers more on dark and olive tones rather than fair skin, and a good face primer can help avoid all of these problems.

Choosing a good foundation is the key to achieving a great look. Go for shades that are just one tone lighter than your skin colour and opt for those with a yellowish tint. Think turmeric – brides traditionally use turmeric packs to get that golden glow which complements Indian skin beautifully, making it look fairer than it is. You can strike gold with a similarly yellow-based foundation.


Not all shades go well with olive skin tones. But you will rarely go wrong with colours like pink, plum, red, berry, salmon, lavender, wine and apricot. If your complexion is on the darker side, choose burgundy, deep wine or brick or rust red shades. Outline with a matching lip-lining for a well-defined look.

If your lips are a little tanned, go for beige, cappuccino, mocha or maroon.
Brown and orange-toned shades can work great with medium complexions, provided you maintain white clean teeth, since these colours can make teeth appear yellowish.

Sales assistants at MAC and other reputed beauty brands are trained to help you pick out the perfect set of makeup shades that will suit your face and complexion.
dark skin makeup


Indian women have naturally beautiful eyes. Add depth to these with prune, copper, burgundy, and darker shades of brown eyeshadow. For a bold look, use wine, dark blue or purple colors.

Dark grey shadow may be used as a very natural-looking eyeliner for a subtle smoky effect.

Darker Indian skin should avoid too much glitter, as this tends to look overdone more on them than on fair skin. Metallic hues can up the glamour quotient when you want to do party makeup, but choose ones with more of sheen and less of glitter particles. Try to avoid colours like white, which don’t complement most Indian complexions. Instead, dull golds look very attractive when paired with Indian ethnic wear.

Kohl has always been a tradional favourite with Indian women. It beautifully accentuates the shape and depth of the eyes. Dark brown and black go equally well with Indian eyes, which are usually dark in colour. For a subtle effect, smudge the kohl on your lower lash line with the finger.

Complete your eye makeup with a final touch of mascara. Many Indians have poker straight lashes, but with a lash curler and mascara, you can get those thick curled eyelashes in no time.
indian eyes
Fill in the gaps in your eyebrows with a pencil or shadow in a shade closest to the natural colour of the brows. Dark brown or brown-black should go well. Avoid jet black, because Indians have naturally black eyebrows, and using an equally dark black might make you look very loud and dramatic.

One basic rule to remember is to stay away from oily formulations where eye makeup is concerned. Indians tend to have oily skin due to the climate they live in, and unless your products are specifically oil-free, they may smear on the eyelids.


Light olive complexions look nice with coral or burgundy shades of blush. Darker-toned women actually don’t even need a blusher. However, they can wear darker shades of blush such as deep rose to dark beige, depending on how dark the skin is, so that the blush is visible against the skin. Bronzer looks very chic against olive skin tones, which you can opt for, instead of blusher, for a natural sun-kissed look.

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