How to Treat Face Blemishes

How To Treat Face Blemishes

Conduct a poll on the most troublesome facial skin problems women suffer from and blemishes would be on the list along with pimples and acnes. Most of the times, they appear on your face and they lower your level of confidence. Here is an article that will help you know the best ways to tackle blemishes systematically and effectively. Read on!
how to treat face blemishes

Blemishes- Causes

Blemishes are often caused as a result of accumulation of oil, bacteria buildups and dead cells of the skin. Apart from these factors, hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy can also lead to an increased chance of getting blemishes. Cosmetics, that clog the pores on your skin and even genetic factors can be responsible for blemishes.
face blemishes

How to treat face blemishes-basic guidelines

• Cleaning- Cleaning the skin is an important step to achieving blemish-free skin. Use a gentle cleanser, suitable for your skin type.
• Toning- This too is as obvious as the cleansing part. However, toners are often skipped by many of us and so, this advice is needed. Toners help in tightening your skin and do away with any dirt which may be left over after cleansing.
• Scrubbing- Scrub your skin at regular intervals and do away with any dead cell which may be there.
• No pricking- Abstain from squeezing or pricking whiteheads, pimples, blackheads or acnes. This often leads to redness and scarring.
• Topical applications- A blemish is nothing but a skin imperfection. It can be caused as a result of sun exposure, aging, acnes and such other factors. Topical medications like Tretinoin, which is commercially known as Retin-A, vitamins like Retinol, retinoid like Tazarotene, Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivatives are widely used for treating blemishes and improving your skin conditions. Intake of prescribed medicines and application of topical ointments are helpful. There are a number of topical products like creams and antioxidant ointments. However, it must be borne in mind that you should consult you’re the physician before resorting to any of these treatments. Your doctor may also choose to inject hydrocortisone. Often, blemishes are caused by internal conditions and thus, you should visit the dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
cosmetics blemishes

How to treat face blemishes- Cosmetics

Cosmetics are helpful in camouflaging blemishes. So, this is not necessarily a treatment. But of course, it serves the purpose on special occasions. Here are a few tips that you would find helpful-
• Tinted moisturizers can be applied to hide your blemishes.
• If you are quite a make-up person, you can use foundation to offer you moderate coverage. Go for matte or semi-matte finishing touch.
• If the blemishes that you have are rather prominent, invest in correcting colors like yellow, mauve, green and white. Wear them under the foundation and this can be an effective solution for your face blemishes.
• Concealers also work wonders as far as hiding blemishes is concerned.
• Use blushes to give your cheeks a pinkish glow! In the process, you would end up concealing blemishes which might still be a little visible through your foundation.

How to treat face blemishes- Home Remedies

Wondering how to treat face blemishes at home? The following easy to use home remedies are known to be quite effectual if done religiously-
• Application of cucumber juice, lemon juice and potato juice is very effective.
• Mix sandalwood powder with water and apply the paste on your skin.
• Mix rose water with honey and lemon juice. Apply the concoction on face.
• Mix a spoon of rosewater with two spoons of vinegar and cucumber juice. Apply the solution on face.
• If you have dry skin, soak some almonds overnight. Get rid of the skin and grind it. Add few drops of honey and lemon juice. Apply on face.
• Smash some green papaya and add milk to it. apply the paste on your blemishes.

How to treat face blemishes- Diet

• Have a nutritious diet rich in Vitamin C, A and E.
• Include food items rich in zinc and selenium.
• Eat lots of fresh seasonal fruits like oranges, watermelons, guavas and gooseberries.
• Have fresh vegetables and whole grains.
• Stay away from fatty foods and caffeine.
• Drink loads of water.

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  1. Very helpfull Artical Somreeta,
    I remember as a teenager when I was suffering from pimples, My mom used to apply sandle wood paste every night on my face. and it worked 🙂

    1. thanx Sweta 🙂 ya, sandalowood has soothing properties! me too suffered a lot from blemishes
      🙁 i can understand d pain..!

      1. yup this month made me break out after ages.. had 1-2 pimples once in while , donno humidity is my enemy . thx buddy will try Retinol and Vit E formula.

  2. Nothing actually works instantly, tried everything. No doubt these tips work but the only way we can treat them is to let them fade with time. That’s all, provided we do take care of them with the tips you mentioned, but I wish there was something that could be so magical to erase them forever…. !! 🙁

    1. time is always the best healer Bhawna and the sad part is, there is no short cut to most of the things in life 🙁 even i wish something magical were there for hairfall, dandruff and blemishes 😛

  3. Nice article, somreeta. like your articles
    Another habit many people have is… they support their face with their hands when sitting in front of computer or reading, etc… the hands that have touched so many things and surfaces when in contact with your face, transfer the dirt et al to your face and this might result in acne and then blemish… Avoid this.
    although I know this is wrong, I cant sometimes resist doing it and have suffered the blemishes … girls, please avoid touching your face like that.

  4. nice tips really especially the home remedies..i have this miracle product from a brand called ‘Fruit of earth’ which i had randomly picked up in some exhibition. its more of a spot treatment and reduces the swelling/pimple overnight. i dont remember the exact name now..

        1. ur comnt is finally here Aruna 😉 never hrd f this brand…!! bt at times such things actually work better than many a known brand!

  5. My God Somreeta, is that you again? 🙂 I think now I need to see you personally for detecting and solving probs. Jokes apart, a great put up again, and the most important thing in your articles which I like is the simplicity or comprehension present, and whenever hinting for a DIY the products you suggest are always handy and readily available. Thanks a ton for the effort.

    1. now dats a great compliment for me dear..! indeed i want to take a ‘all-under-one-roof’ approach for each f my topics and i like the DIY with things which r readily available in every1’s kitchen or home 🙂 whats the use f DIYs which has a list of items, for which u have to ransack the stores for hours without the least possibility of geting them??? 😛 thanks a lotttttt for this wonderfl observation Piya *puchi*

  6. great article . i always wonder where to get good quality sandalwood powder.. I never find it on its own . its mostly mixed with other things.. could you please suggest something?

    1. thanx Harvinder…..its available in shops. why dont u ask n some good shop which keeps such things? its also available online….if u have difficulty, u can always make a paste of sandalwood at home by rubbing pure sandalwood stick with water 🙂

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