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blemishesMy last post covered about the home remedies for blemishes. Though they are the best any day sometimes it’s just not convenient for people to follow up on them on a daily basis. In this super busy world, we want readymade products to use on the go to achieve faster results. Plus sometimes the results using natural products might just not work for someone as using skin products (not all chemicals are bad if used the right way!!).

Here are few ingredients you need to look for in you blemish clearing products:-

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is most effective in getting rid of the dirt accumulated to clear up the pores. This antibacterial chemical could be used directly on the skin or can be found in various moisturizers, gels and cleansers. However I suggest the latter because this product alone is so strong that it might lead to irritation of the skin causing redness and dryness particularly if you have a sensitive skin. If possible try getting samples first so that you can test them & see how it reacts on your skin.

benzoyl peroxide blemishes

2. Salicylic Acid

salicylic acid blemishes

It is one of the most proficient over-the-counter treatments for acne spots i.e. why it is one of the most common ingredients in acne eliminating products. This is very safe for all skin types including sensitive skin as it doesn’t get rid of bacteria or decrease sebum which is why it is best only for mild breakouts and usually not good for severe blemishes/acne spots. Try using products which has salicylic acid mixed with a stronger chemical like benzoyl peroxide as the mixture of the two will work better for those nasty blemishes.

3. Retinoids

Another great product which takes care of blemishes is retinoids. They are usually present in gels, creams and moisturizers. Retinoids come in two forms: – Retinol(which is the chemical form of Vitamin A) & Prescription treatments such as tretinoin and isotretinoin. However, retinol is a better option to use as the vitamin A activates the outer skin cells to form new collagen and elastin. It’s particularly good to use retinol if you blemishes are due to aging. Other retinoids are useful for severe spots and also against blackheads.

4. Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide, an element of nicotinic acid or vitamin B3 is really good for inflamed or reddish spots. Don’t mistake it for nicotine 😛 It’s not at all toxic and nor does it have any noticeable side effects. You can either have it in tablet form on prescription or Nicomide which is a medical cream for inflamed spots caused by acne. It will help in the blood circulation of the skin thus decreasing blemishes.

Here are few products reviewed in IMBB which might help:-
Proactiv Acne Solution
Clarins Blemish Control
Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver
St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish Fighting
Clinique Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Gel

If yet, none of this works you can go for treatments like dermabrasion or laser resurfacing treatment. But try to tackle with the root causes and have a proper skincare routine and hopefully you won’t need to go through these treatments :))


21 thoughts on “Skin Products for Blemishes

  1. Nice article Insiya…. :yes:

    I am too impatient to wait for natural products to show results… :yawn:
    As i too have and still use these medications, i can remember a few more like Allantoin, Niacinamide, Kojic Acid…

      1. Tretinoin -0.025% is what i finally stuck with…Kojic acid takes long time to show results….

        but for those occasional bumps i use my Burts bees blemish stick which has Salicylic acid..also the face washes i buy i make sure has Salicylic acid…Sal Acid is like my everyday use and Tretinoin i use every 4 days..

  2. Insiya……..good one…….. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: Benzoyl peroxide works very well in treating acne blemishes….there is this cream called Adit….which has benzoyl peroxide has it fades away blemishes by peeling the exterior layer of skin…….really good one Insiya :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. I’m a doctor by profession and i can give you the names of three very effective ointments for blemishes: 1. Tri-o-bloc
    2. Niltan
    3. Melaglow
    Use twice daily on clean skin, best if left overnight.

  4. This is a very informative and useful post Insiya, thanks! Right now I’m using TBS blemish fade lotion and it seems to be helping. I fit doesn’t work I’ll definitely try out these ointments.

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