Trend Alert: Boxy Bags

Trend Alert: Boxy Bags

boxy bags
Of all the in things for this fall, the boxy bag is attracting much attention. It is an extension of androgynous fashion pieces that we have been seeing around for two years now. The boxy bag is a structured square or rectangular bag. It was spotted at a number of platforms such as Chloe and Oscar de la Renta.

The boxy bag is usually in two intriguing styles: a compact and structured envelope purse or a vintage-inspired satchel. Both styles offer a breath of fresh air from the overused slouchy hobos and oversized totes. I personally love the style because it is utilitarian. They are spacious enough to accommodate everything you put in your bag and yet they dont get disfigured if you overstuff them. I have recently started wearing formals everyday and a boxy bag adds class to a formal outfit.

Another great thing about boxy bag is that it highlights the shoulder which is very much in sync with another fall trend- structured statement shoulders. You can carry a boxy bag with either an ultra feminine outfit to balance it out or with boxy lose fitting clothes to provide some structure to the look. There are no rules to a boxy bag. Experiment and have fun!
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If you have read even two fashion posts that i have written here, you will know how obsessed i am with Alexa Chung’s style. So following is the compilation of Alexa’s best boxy bags.

What do you say?

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12 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Boxy Bags

  1. Hmm..not exactly the style for me, I prefer softer bags that sort of gel with my curves. However, the smaller clutch-type varieties might be more suitable 🙂

  2. Like fabida, i am not a boxy bag type person but having said that the last black patent leather type boxy bag looks to die for..very chic..would not mind owning that one. :drool:

  3. im so much in love with this trend…
    @Rati..look up vintage record case bags and vanity case bags..they are doing the rounds at biggest designer shows..a little ott for indian scene right now but i guess subtler versions of these will look amazing!

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