Fashion Trend: Nerd Glasses

Nerd Glasses

Nerd glasses is a fashion trend that has been popular for a couple of years now. These are thick rimmed glasses that are worn not just as prescribed glasses but also at times solely for fashion purposes. Celebrities both young and young-at-heart love to sport their nerdy frames. Nerdy glasses is one trend that can totally change your look and personality. If chosen wisely, nerdy glasses can make you look years younger. Alternatively if gone wrong, wearing this trend can also make you look wannabe. This is one trend that can leave you looking either hot or hot mess.

Here are types of nerdy glasses and picture inspirations for you:

Professional Look

Many women consider nerd glasses trend suitable only for college and school going girls. This is not true. Older women can totally nail the trend at their work places. In fact, in my opinion no other accessory can make you look more sophisticated than a pair of solid and chunky glasses. However remember to keep your make fresh and simple with these glasses. Keep your hair straight and out of the face.

Deepika Padukone, Olivia Paleremo and Rosie Huntington wearing nerdy glasses in a sleek and sophisticated way.

nerdy glasses

If you are more experimental or a fan, you can also try these Harry Potter inspired nerdy glasses:
nerdy glasses harry potter

Comic Chic

nerdy glasses comic chic
You are fun, you are trendy, you are colourful. These fun and chic nerdy glasses are for you. You could of any age living anywhere in the world, these happy candy coloured printed glasses are sure to make you look hip and smart.


This is the easiest way of wearing nerdy glasses trend- sunglasses! Protect your eyes in style by wearing two-toned nerdy sun glasses. There is just no other way of surviving the heat in style.
Try out these two toners:
nerd glasses sunglasses
Or the Loius Vuitton millionaire sunglasses a la Posh Beckham:
nerd glasses sunglasses

Also you can try out the ‘baap’ or the big daddy of sunglasses shapes ever- the wayfarer. Nothing is more casual yet extremely sleek. But be careful while picking these up as they don’t suit major types of face shapes. For inspiration, check put these beauties donning wayfarers in style:
nerd glasses sunglasses celebrities
Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Mary-Kate Olsen and Drew Barrymore.

Just for fun

Then there is a just for fun way of wearing nerdy glasses. These are definitely non prescribed glasses often worn as part of a costume. Check these out:
nerd glasses fun sunglasses
Things to remember while wearing the nerdy glasses trend:

  • Keep the rest of your outfit simple and color focused. Blacks, tans, creams and nudes are your safest bet as these can be simple and structured.
  • Keep the outfit shape focused and structured. This means that do only one major structuring of the silhouette like one big shoulder (single shoulder dress) or accentuated waist (high waisted skirt).
  • Make your outfit more androgynous and sophisticated. Think boyfriend blazers, cropped trousers, solid colors etc..
  • Go easy on the accessories- simple studs will do. Add simple but solid (non feminine) long necklaces if needed.
  • Keep your face simple as the glasses will draw attention to your face directly. This means no crazy headbands or earrings. Keep your eye makeup and blush simple. However you can do up your lips.
  • Keep your hair neat and out of the face.

But just as any other fashion trend, rules don’t apply to everyone! If you think you can carry this trend without the rules, go ahead! Go all out with nerdy fashion! Bring out the suspenders, flared pants and polka dots shirt. And show us your pictures 🙂

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  5. i love nerd glasses…. me have… but doesnt siut me much… infact the wayfarer sunglasses suit me u kno!! hardly any other shape of sunglasse looks good on my broad face shape… :(( :((

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