The Ombre Fashion Trend

The Ombre Fashion Trend

Ombre (pronounced omm-bray) is a trend that is spreading like wildfire among fashionistas world over. This trend gets its name from a card game that was played in Spain during the 17th and 18th centuries. The game was played between three players and there used to be progression of cards among them. This concept of progression has been adopted to colours, making Ombre a trend where a colour is gradually developed to become some other colour. This can be extended to hair, accessories, nails and clothes. Ombre is a trend from the 70’s, popularised by hippies who played with saffron, orange, red and yellow hues. As the forthcoming seasons are all about the return of the 70’s, this trend is very much in vogue now.

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair looks like coloured hair with overgrown roots. You don’t have to wait for your roots to show if you want this kind of hair. Simply get the bottom portion of your hair bleached or streaked or coloured. Lady Gaga caused an explosion as always with her version of yellow over-blonde hair:

Ombre Fashion Trend

Such a loud colour would obviously not suit the Indian skin tone. Since most of us have black or brown hair, doing something like this would look much better on us:


You could make it less subtle if you’re up for it, like Megan Fox’s new hairstyle:


Ombre hair is something I’ll try, maybe something subtle like the second picture. 🙂

Ombre Clothes

Since Maxi dresses are ’ in’ now, it becomes easier to incorporate this trend in your clothes as there is adequate space for the colours to flow.



One must be very careful while playing with colours over maxi dresses as it could make you look wider or shorter without your intention. Wear dresses that have the darker shade near your ‘problem areas’ such as tummy or hips to make them look smaller. Having a really dark colour at the bottom of the dress could take off a few inches from your height and make you look petite. As you can see, this trend can be used to your advantage if worn right. 🙂 Personally, carrying maxi dresses is kind of difficult for me so I’d skip this. However, ombre kurtas, dupattas and long skirts all work great on most people.
Long skirts (also called maxi skirts) are hot this fall. Make them ‘ombre’ and pair them with a very neutral top such as white, black, or other single toned soft colours.



It is relatively easier to carry this trend off with salwars and kurtas. Here’s something fabulous if you like anarkalis (blue-green shades like I do :D)-


Ombre sarees have been around forever now, although we haven’t realised it yet, but they’re hotter than ever now!


Scarf, stoles and dupattas are your best bets for the trend. You cannot go wrong if you wear a double hued scarf or dupatta like this one that can brighten a casual outfit:


Ombre Nails:

If you’re tired of monochrome nail colours and want something that is not too loud or excessively high on the colour quotient, opt for a double-hued palette. You would need 5 shades of nail paint that gradually blend from one colour into another when placed sideways. Starting from your thumb and proceeding to the little finger (or the other way round, if you please), paint the lightest shade of colour 1 and move according to your chosen palette towards colour 2. Here’s an example:




Or you could try the progression on individual nails although this must take a lot of patience and skill of application.


I have mostly taken pictures from blue, green and orange palettes throughout the article because they are very safe to work with. You could try absolutely any palette you want.

Now that you’ve seen enough, it is time for you to go rock this trend. 🙂 Which of these Ombre versions do you like the most? I’m definitely going to do the nails and scarf, maybe the hair too!

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32 thoughts on “The Ombre Fashion Trend

  1. i love this concept/fashion trend, though not necessarily on hair 🙂 but the nails, the long skirts, the anarkali, the gowns they are all fabulous..

  2. I painted my nails like this sometime back without knowing that its a hot trend. :yahoo: But nobody liked in my family and laughed at my innovation. :waiting:

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about the ombre trend…but I do love the ombre nail color in the last pic! Super pretty. :inlove:

    1. Got that pic from an image search. I’m still trying to perfect it. This must be the funda:
      1) Apply the lightest shade uniformly all over the nail.
      2) Use the next darker shade, start from the upper 3/4 portion of the nail and coat the rest.
      3) Follow with the next darker shade, start leave some gap and coat the rest of the nail.
      4) Finally the darkest shade on the last upper quarter of the nail.

      It’ll take a while to get it right. :((

  4. wow…..great article.thanks for the information akshatha.loved the nailpaints. ‘ll try the last one. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. Thanks for updating us on this trend Akshata :yes: :yes: :yes:
    Loved the anarkalis, skirt, saris and nails :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  6. Hi! thanks so much for the article, it’s fantastic. i loved the ombre hair, and i’ve always wanted a similar style. however, i have darker skin, and black hair. how would you recommend doing it? like megan fox, in a more subtle way? and how light do you think i should go at the tips? also, if you ended up dying your hair similarly, please share your experience!


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