Velvet Dresses: Velvet Fashion Trend

Velvet Fashion Trend

Velvet has always reminded me of children’s clothes, those cute, tiny, shiny frocks. But this season , velvet is making an appearance on the red carpet, on fashion ramps, at parties and just about everywhere ! The velvet trend has been dominating the Autumn \ Winter 2010 collections.

velvet fashion trend
velvet fashion trend

The velvet material made an entry early this year with velvet track suits seen on Hollywood streets . Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus were seen in these shiny fabrics. Sincere to its cycle, the velvet trend is making a come back and is fast becoming this seasons fashion darling !!

jennifer lopez in velvet tracksuit
jennifer lopez in velvet tracksuit
velvet dresses
velvet dresses

Latest on this end of the world was seen at Vivek Oberoi’s reception, where both the groom and the bride decked velvet outfits, whether it flatters them or not is subjective.

vivek oberoi in velvet
vivek oberoi in velvet

Another very recent sighting of this trend was seen at a Diwali bash where Amrita Arora wore a dark green velvet gown.

amrita arora in velvet
amrita arora in velvet

While this rich, shiny fabric has been seen in Hollywood only in recent times, Bollywood celebrities were way ahead and have been wearing it on regular basis for years. Men in suave velvet blazers and ladies in sexy saarees with velvet blouses. Leading Indian designers like Sabhyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra have kept alive the velvet trend in the recent years.

shahrukh in velvet
shahrukh in velvet
Amitabh in Velvet
Amitabh in Velvet
aishwarya rai in velvet blouse
aishwarya rai in velvet blouse
Deepika in velvet
Deepika in velvet
karishma in velvet
karishma in velvet

While it seems that velvet only looks good on celebrities, there are many ways to incorporate this trend in our daily lives.
1. If you are not sure about pulling velvet off, a minimalist attitude is a good option. Start by wearing velvet in small parts, velvet borders or  small designs on your outfit.  A velvet handbag or other velvet accessories are a good star too.

2. Going along the weather, a velvet jacket is a smart option. Velvet jackets and blazer are extremely flattering on both men and women. One thing to keep in mind is that the fitting should be tailored well. These can be worn over dresses or pants. This can be worn in a formal, corporate environment as well as casual do’s.

Take inspiration from celebs but personalize it to your needs. Heres Rachel Bilson in a dark blue blazer worn over a lovely dress, and Whitney Port in a gorgeous jacket worn with jeans.

rachel bilson in velvet
rachel bilson in velvet
whitney port in velvet jacket
whitney port in velvet jacket

3. A sure way of flattering yourself is wearing a velvet blouse, dark coloured blouses especially look good on Indian women. Velvet blouses look rich and will go well with both light and heavy sarees. Sarees with velvet borders or velvet designs also look lovely. Celebrities like Kajol Devgan and Kareena Kapoor have adorned this fashion on more than one occasion.

Kajol in velvet
Kajol in velvet
Kajol in velvet blouse
Kajol in velvet blouse
kareena in velvet
kareena in velvet

4. Velvet Salwar kameezes have often been seen on the red carpet, but have failed to match up to the charm of velvet Sarees. Salwar Kameezes with velvet borders and \ or small designs look more graceful than full velvet material Kameezes. (As you can see from below pictures)

raima sen in velvet
raima sen in velvet

A few Do’s and Don’ts regarding wearing velvets –

Do’s –
• Since this is a rich fabric, a good amount of make up will complement the outfit, highlighting eyes is a good option
• A must have is a common coloured velvet blouse, than you can wear with many sarees.
• Wear only one piece of velvet at a time, that is, don’t pair a velvet blouse with a velvet saaree or a velvet salwar with a velvet kameez, or a velvet shirt with velvet trousers. In short, don’t over do it.
• Do use it in cold climates, apart from being in vogue this season, velvets are also very practical.

• Don’t over accessorize. A velvet outfit is a jewel in itself.
• Don’t over do make up.
• Don’t be afraid to flaunt your velvets, people will always question trends.
• Avoid greys, browns and other pale colours.

With the cold season lobbying in, sweaters, coats and shawls are definite keepers in our wardrobe, but additional pieces of velvets will make your outfit stylish and trendy. While fashionistas in the West have been questioning each other on whether the 2010 Velvet fashion is a trend or trash? rad or bad? , we in India have seen our celebrities flaunt this fashion with great panache and elegance for years. If fashion icons like Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai can take this trend to international events, why should we earthly beings be left behind?

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39 thoughts on “Velvet Dresses: Velvet Fashion Trend

  1. woooow Baby!!! Velvet sure does look HOT! I personally never was fond of velvet but somehow these celebs have made me change my mind! Thanks for the post Smita 😀
    Awesome article! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. Loved Whitney Port’s jacket. I wonder if I can carry of velvets… :-/ :-/ :-/ Since winters have come, let me atleast have a look at them. Thankiess. :))

  3. Nice post……I’ve nevEr been fond of velvet & especially when it’s over done,it looks bad.. I prefer to steer clear. Some outfits above really look OTT.
    But it small doses, it can enhance an outfit.Agree with you.

  4. grr… not a BIG FAN of velvets…. too gaudy if OVER USED … look at vivek’s outfit… EEEEEEEW !!
    i agree velvet ll luk good in small doses. . . 🙂 :lashes:

  5. nice article smita… i too like velvets..remembered my Grey velvet suit wid small nice delicate silver work on neck.. wore it at my cousin’s marriage many yrs bak.. :-)) :-))
    nw i’m thinking of buying a velvet blouse n its winters.. :-)) 😀

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