ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush Review

ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush

Product Description:

The ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush is the professionals choice for contouring and blending eye shadows. Made with a blend of squirrel and pony hair bristles.


The secret to creating the perfect look, is using the perfect brush. ULTA Professional Brushes are made with highest quality natural and synthetic bristles which are hand tied to maintain shape and prevent shedding. Bristles are treated with an anti-microbial formula that helps resist bacteria build-up.

Price: 14$

My take on ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush

Well, to be honest, I do not apply eye shadows much. I have been watching a lot of YT videos off late and came to know what difference can a good brush make in make up. I received this brush as a gift from one of my closest friends returning from the States and have been using it recently. I can definitely say with whatever little usage I have done that this makes a hell lot of a difference in my eye make up.
It has a slender black and silver coloured handle which is very easy to hold. The bristles are soft and tapered in front for precise blending. The top bristles need to be slightly dipped in eye shadow and blended in the crease to get that flawless blended application. The bristles are extremely soft and almost negligible pressure needs to be applied while blending the shadows. They have never irritated my skin or felt scratchy on my sensitive eye lids. It perfectly blends eyeshadows. If you love smokey eyes or like to use more than 2 colors for your eye makeup then this brush will come very handy for you. You may even use it to apply eye shadows but I use it only for blending purposes. The head of the brush is compact and the bristles are held together firmly.


I have washed this brush a couple of times and never once it has shed a hair! Also it dries up pretty fast like 12 hours or overnight. I always air dry my brushes and use mild baby shampoo to wash them and never faced any issues. The most important part even after washing the bristles are as soft as before.
I have no qualms with this brush and would gladly recommend it to all.

Summarising the pros and cons.

Pros of ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush

1. Light weight.
2. Does not shed any hair while or after washing.
3. Blends in shadows seamlessly.
4. It does not exert any extra pressure on the lids owing to soft hair.

Cons of ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush

1. Not available in India. Apart from this, I can’t really think of any other con.


IMBB Rating

4 out of 5

Will I repurchase/ Do I recommend ULTA Professional Tapered Crease Eye Shadow Brush?

Yes, I will wholeheartedly recommend it to all. As far as repurchasing goes I think this will last me a lifetime so I will not have to re-buy it.

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