MAC 150 Large Powder Brush Review

MAC 150 Large Powder Brush Review

MAC 150 Large Powder Brush Review

What MAC Claims:

“Full and dense for dusting loose or pressed powder on face or body. This brush is particularly good for blush application with soft fibers that form a full, rounded shape. M•A•C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.”


About 50 dollars.

I ended up buying this MAC Powder Brush when my budget for makeup and skin care used to be huge. I was in MAC love and brought a lot of stuff from MAC in one go.  This is an everyday brush. It is more of a multi-tasker for the price it is available at. You can use it to apply loose powder as well as use it to apply powder foundation.  MAC even recommends it to use with your blush.

It is made of goat hair and after washing it over 100 times over the past 2 years, I would say that the hair in the brush does not go anywhere. It is a very sturdy and a very soft brush to use.

I really haven’t used many brushes for makeup application, but having tried Sonia kashuk and this one, I would say I prefer this fluffy, fat, nice, big brush from MAC.

MAC 150 Large Powder Brush Review

It picks up the powder in one swipe and you do not need to struggle much there. Also, it spreads the powder very evenly and very nicely on the skin. It is definitely great for people like me who have little acne scars and pores to cover on their skin.

The size of this brush is 21.5 cm and it comes in handy every time I want to apply a powder foundation or mineral veil. This is the only brush which works wonderfully for me. No shedding, no feeling rough on the skin, just very smooth and nice application.

The body of this brush is made of wood and not plastic. The proof of this is that I had my baby pug chew one of my MAC brushes one day (guess he did not find any toy to nibble on) and I saw that it really was made of wood, thank you, Ginger 😛

MAC Large Powder Brush

This is a dome-shaped brush and perfect for application of loose powder. I have read a lot of online complaints that it sheds. Yes, this brush sheds. Yes, mine does shed like one hair per application, not more than that and that too sometimes. But some people have a hard time using this MAC brush.  Some people on the MAC website have even gone ahead and said that this is the worst brush in their lot of MAC brushes they have tried because it sheds so much, but for me it is 50 dollars well spent. It was like an investment buying this brush as it does work well for me.  It has retained its shape even after several washes, a big deal in itself.

Pros of MAC 150 Large Powder Brush:

  • It is a very versatile brush, can be used for powder application as well as to apply blushes.
  • Easily available at every MAC counter. This brush is one of their best-selling brushes.
  • Soft. The goat hair feels soft on your skin.
  • If used correctly, would last you five plus years.

Cons of MAC 150 Large Powder Brush:

  • I do feel it is on the pricier side.
  • MAC brushes do involve a lot of care. Shampoo, condition, and dry properly.  You have to take care of the brushes as if the hair in it were real hair, let’s say your hair 😛

IMBB Rating:

I give it an overall rating of 3.5/5.  Points deducted for the high price and shedding.

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