MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

Claims – Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one that combines good coverage with ease of application! One-step application of foundation and powder! Designed to be used dry, the powder and pigments create a matte, velvety texture! It contains Silica, which helps to maintain a matte finish by absorbing oils on the skin as well as Talc to provide a smoother, less reflective, matte finish! The talc has been milled to a microscopic size to provide a beautiful texture while allowing the skin to breathe! Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish! Long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours! A real all-in-one! The choice of Pros and a long time favourite of MAC fans! It is available in a wide range of colours! It can be applied with a brush, sponge or a powder puff!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FOundation NC 50

Who needs an introduction to MAC? No wonder if the future generation’s first test-and-try makeup brand is MAC! Just the way Lakme was to our generation! I am a proud owner of studio fix NC#50, which for some reason I think is not right for me! MAC makeup artist said, “If I were you, I would pick the same!” Still, I might pick one more shade and mix them to get my skin tone! Studio Fix originally retails for £19 or $26 or  Rs 1580/- (Indian Rupees)! Comes in 15g or 0.52 US oz classic black packaging, which also includes a black outer casing of packaging! The compact is compartmentalized into 3! One for the mirror, second for the product and third for the disc sponge! The sponge is of pure latex, which feels like skin in texture! Take good care of your sponges with mild shampoo! If your pockets are deeper, invest on spare sponges as they tend to get dirtier with usage! I am yet to wash my sponge, so I am not sure how long the sponge survives post bath! I did use the sponge a couple of times, but I reach for my mini kabuki (mikabuki LOL) most of the time! I tried using large powder brush as well, but in vain! Compared to other brushes, the bristles are so densely packed in kabuki! Hence, the flawless finish and unbeatable coverage!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FOundation NC 50

I have been using this for about a year now! All I can say, Studio Fix is my Holy Grail foundation whatever! If there is any society against liquid foundation, consider I am the chairperson! Call me dumb, but so far I never managed to use a liquid foundation properly! If MAC Studio Fix foundation is considered a revolutionary invention in makeup, liquid foundation is something unworthy of discussing! I know people who swear by liquid foundation, but it’s just not for me! Long story shortly put; Studio Fix is for lazy bugs! As per the name, its foundation and powder put together to make the task easier! With Studio Fix, your routine is one step shorter! Easy peasy!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FOundation NC 50

Studio Fix doesn’t smell like anything in specific! If your olfactory senses are as strong as mine, expect the smell of Fuller’s Earth! The product is finely milled and oh-so soft to touch! The coverage is more towards heavy! Sometimes I also use Lakme compact, which doesn’t give me more than a sheer coverage! I did realize that only after using Studio Fix! On a normal day, I am ready to rock with moisturizer and Studio Fix! Special days definitely need to see the light of concealer, so watch out! If you are religious user of Studio Fix, one compact should last you for more than 7 months! Depends on how frequent you get to use! No harm if more or less!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FOundation NC 50

Studio Fix is layman’s foundation! I bet you can work out easily with Studio Fix even if you are totally new to makeup! Silica is a mineral-derivative used as an absorber and thickener! Talc is also a mineral-derivative used as an anti-caking agent! As per the claim, it gives your skin a flawless matte finish! My brother’s wedding; my beautician used NC#42 on me! She suggested I buy NC#42, but I could make out from the look of NC#42 that it is not for me! For some weird reason, NC#42 matched my skin tone perfect at my brother’s wedding! Quite contrary, I looked like a devil-let-loose at the store with the same NC#42!

It’s always better to prime your skin if your skin is oily! I hate to confess, but keep blotting papers handy if you can’t touch up! Unless you are a working woman or it’s your special day, you need not bother about the 8-hour claims! Practically speaking, a woman doesn’t need to stay so long with makeup on! Coming to the application part, feel free to use your favourite foundation brush, kabuki whatever! No harm if you use a sponge or powder puff! Studio Fix is one product of its kind, which is true to the claims! Are you blessed with genetically flawless skin and deeper pockets? If you are an absolutely non-fussy girl, MAC Studio Fix waits for you! Who knows? This might be your next staple!
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus FOundation NC 50

Ingredients – Talc, Silica, Isostearyl Palmitate, Methicone, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide Greens, Ultramarines! Made in USA! Am I visually challenged or does the packaging really speak nothing about expiry date? Who would toss out MAC Studio Fix even if it’s out dated? Not me, definitely! Sincere advice, take it or not! If you are an online shopper, make sure you buy MAC products from authentic websites!

MAC Recycle Program i.e. Back 2 MAC encourages its customers to return their used makeup containers! Exchange any 6 makeup containers for a lipstick of your choice at the local MAC store or counter! I keep hearing different versions of Back 2 MAC program! I always thought Back 2 MAC is exchange the only containers that say Back 2 MAC! But, it seems Back 2 MAC is only at the stand-alone stores! I am so damn confused, so my stuff is still lying around! If you wish to exchange your stuff, better call your local MAC! The program might differ at the stores which do MAC as well compared to the stand-alone MAC stores!

On this note, let me share something important! A little girl was in search of her HG foundation! She came to know about MAC’s wide spectrum, so she obviously expected to find her perfect match in MAC! She tested and tried a couple of wrong shades! She was very disappointed she didn’t find her perfect shade! MAC doesn’t have your perfect shade doesn’t mean it is the dead end! MAC is not everything! There are ton lot of brands in this world to explore! Why not try others and give them a chance? If your skin tone is towards darker side, explore related brands and vice versa! If you are brand-loyal and can’t find your perfect shade from that, it’s high time you branch out! Nobody is going to punish you, lovelies!

P.S – I am not a member of anti-MAC campaign! I have no intentions to degrade any brand as such! I love some MAC products inspite of the bad experiences at the store! All I intend to say; don’t stand in the circle waiting for something to come your way! Unless you come out of the circle, nothing is going to pull you out! If you don’t come out, you are definitely missing something! Brands make wide-spectrum shades do not mean they should make every shade under the sun!

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46 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

  1. Now that was a superb review…Divija style!!! :worship: :worship:

    I used to think liquid foundations were not for me. But since I bought Max Factor, I guess the opinion has kind of changed.

    Loved the way you encourage people to think out of the MAC box..Just because it is a renowned and HG brand, doesn’t mean it would work for all kinds of complexions/skin types.

    But as a person who has never used this brand, I would love to give it a try and then decide if its for me or not..

    1. I find Max Factor’s foundation pretty creamy. Liquid foundations tend to get runny at times and that’s what I don’t like about them. But I guess I do like most foundations. Lakme left a scare in my heart about these cream to powder foundations but after reading this I guess I must give them another try. 🙂

      1. I know the Lakme Creme to compact is such a disaster…. But Maxfactor’s liquid Illusion was good… So MAC studio fix + must be better……. :laugh: :laugh:

        Divija, my eyebrows are always raised while reading your reviews… I am always surprised b’coz of all the !!!!!!! marks… 😮
        But that makes every sentence of yours worth attention…… :rotfl: :rotfl:

        One thing is for sure… You are one of a kind……. Love your writing style dear….. :inlove: :inlove: :-* :-*

  2. Anamika,

    thnq dear! 200% agreed on wat u said…every brand has its own cult product 🙂 only thing, we shd know wat that is! the coverage is very buildable! one application gives ur sheer coverage whereas a couple of applications give u the perfect polished look…

  3. Poornima,

    I feel so honored! never thought I had my own style until now 🙂 Now, every time I read abt max factor foundation, my hands feel itchy…shd i try? may be YES 🙂

    as I said, if ur pockets are deeper, u can try MAC studio fix range 🙂 MAC is ever ready to welcome a potential customer! thnq for the promising words, honey 🙂

  4. Rati,

    I cant imagine myself trying Lakme foundation, but I seriously envy those ppl who can work their magic even with Lakme Souffle 🙁 shd we learn the trick or shd we ignore? I prefer the second one better :rotfl:

  5. oh, I have been intending to get this one. But my plans to visit Ambience always fails 🙁
    I like the Mikabuki 😛

  6. Nice review !! I have been eyeing studio fix for a while now..esp that it is so easy to use. But the problem is I have dry skin mostly..not sure if powder foundations will go with me skin..I should test it at the store 🙂

  7. dear jane,

    thnq very much for the comments! i am combination to oily, so my skin never had any issues with studio fix…touch wood

    may be MAC makeup artist can come to ur rescue if you give them ur situation 🙂

    good luck, honey 🙂

  8. Great review with those cute pictures in the background.
    Do you find that the product actually stays on for eight hours, or do you need to reapply toward the ticking of the clock? And do you use the foundation before or after the Studio Finish concealer? To add to my long list of questions lol, is the powder that comes with the foundation translucent and meant to set the makeup in the end? 😀

    1. if you are using powder foundation, use concealer before applying the foundation and if you are using liquid foundation, use concealer after.

      didn’t get your last question? :((

  9. I bought Mac Studio Fix powder plus last week, from Dubai.. I didn’t quite like it.. I have combination skin , and somehow my T-Zone goes really oily with this foundation, even with a primer.. So, I end up wiping off the foundation and re-applying it, else it creates layers on my skin, making my makeup look obvious. I so hate to carry makeup wherever I go.. I can’t even return it bcoz I’m now in India and they don’t take it back as I got it from Dubai.. 😐

  10. i bought this in shade NC 42….the shade is perfect for me but this oxidizes on me in like 15-30 mins and turns almost 2 shades darker…i tried using primer underneath which makes it 1 shade darker…any tips to prevent it from oxidizing…?? *waiting*

    Other than this i love this foundation…when applied sheer this looks very natural..i will surely repurchase this but may be a shade lighter next time.

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