Should We Use Pore Strips on Pimples?

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How are you doing? I am doing great and excited to share today’s article with you all. Today, we would be talking about whether pores strips good enough to be used on pimples. Have you ever used pore strips on pimples earlier? The appearance of a pimple or acne on the skin is generally triggered by clogged pores or blackheads on the skin. Because pore strips are often known as the ‘band-aid’ for the skin, let’s find out whether they should be used on pimples or not.

Should We Use Pore Strips on Pimples

What are pore strips actually?

beauty formulas pore strips

Pore strip is a common skin care essential which instantly cleanses the skin and removes blackheads. According to skin experts, pore strips are more effective than pore cleansers or scrubs available in the market. These pore strips can clear dirt, oil, and build-up from the skin easily. Regular use of pore strips can keep your skin clean and dirt-free.

How to use pore strips?

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Step 1
Remove the strip from the packet and then twist the strip to loosen it. Then, separate the slits features on the strips.

Step 2
Now, wash your face thoroughly with water and pat dry. Wet your nose and then stick the pore strip. Make sure you dampen the nose before using the pore strip else it will not stick.

Step 3
Now, press the pore strip and leave it on. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes and then carefully peel it off from the nose in the downward direction.


• Use the pore strip only on the specified area; for example, use a nose pore strip only on the nose.
• Do not use such strips on blemishes and sunburned skin. Also, avoid using it on excessively dry skin.
• Do not use it on sensitive or irritated skin.
• Do not use it frequently as it may damage your skin or lead to rashes.

Should pore strips be used on pimples?

No, pore strips are not safe enough to be used on pimples. Sebaceous filaments are actually lining of the pores which help in maintaining the oil balance on the skin. Sebaceous filaments can be removed by excessive scrubbing, which may leave you with irritated and damaged skin.

Pore strips may prove beneficial in removing blackheads, but there is a high risk when these strips are used on pimples. Using pore strips on the pimple can lead to excessive breakout on the face and also leave you with an unhealthy skin condition.

Yes, it can worsen your skin condition and leave your skin more susceptible to infections. Earlier, there were claims that pore strips can cause irritation and inflammation on the skin; they can break your capillaries.

Apart from this, high hormone levels, repeated skin irritation, and sun exposure may worsen this condition. Well, later it was proven that pore strips do not break capillaries and are extremely safe for your skin.

Here are some of the best pore strips are:

watsons pore strips

The T-Zone Maximum Action Nose Pore Strips
Purederm Botanical Choice Nose Pore Strips Tea Tree
Biore Nose Pore Cleansing Strips Black
Cettua Charcoal Nose Strip
Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips
Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tape

How to make your own nose pore strip at home

different types of gelatin

Step 1
Combine 1 ½ cup of milk and ½ spoon of gelatin in a microwavable bowl. Keep stirring the mixture with the spoon until it gets mixed properly.

Step 2
Heat the mixture for 10-20 minutes in a microwave until it is warm.

Step 3
Now, apply the gelatine mixture on the nose using your fingers. Make sure the mixture gets dried completely.

Step 4
Wait for some time until the mixture gets completely dried. As you remove the gelatine strip from the nose, it will pull off the dirt and blackheads easily. You can apply this mixture to the area. Please note, homemade gelatine strip is skin-friendly.

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