Are Pore Strips for Blackheads Good or Bad?

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Blackheads are a stubborn skin issue, and dealing with them is messy. It needs patience. But, this new trend that claims to clear up all the blackheads is becoming trendier than other options – pore strips. Why are they becoming so popular? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using them? Are they really worth using? Here’s a guide on pore strips.

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What are pore strips?

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Pore strips are the strips that claim to remove the blackheads, whiteheads (whiteheads are less likely to be treated with pore strips as they are ‘in-extractible’ — at least without the help of a professional) and the debris. They claim to help eradicate, for a period of time, the clogged pores — clear them up by unclogging the dirt and oil content inside them.

What are the pros of pore strips for blackheads?

Beauty Skin Care. Beautiful Sexy Girl Applying White Nose Patch On Facial Skin.

• Help to get rid of blackheads for a particular period of time
• Cleanse pores, making and leaving them free of oil, dirt
• Clears debris
• Clears build-up
• Convenient and less messy than other options available to deal with or treat blackheads
• Does not consume much time, thus time convenient
• In budget
• Easy to carry anywhere

What are the cons of pore strips for blackheads?

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• Strips out the natural oils
• Activates sebaceous glands causing them to produce more oil and sebum
• Enlarges pores and possibly affect the health of the pores
• Not permanent or semi-permanent
• Affects skin’s health
• Widens the pores and causes them to clog more oil, dirt, and bacteria in the further time
• Causes irritation
• Reddens the sensitive skin

Do pore strips actually work?

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If this is a question that is hitting up your mind, let us get to the fact. A pore strip will not eradicate your blackheads permanently. It will not do so even for a particular period of time. What are the simplest words to use to describe the biggest con you’re doing to your skin by using a pore strip? — ‘You’re not letting your skin breath’. Blackheads are stubborn, and so are pore strips. They are nothing different than the procedure of waxing. You, in a way or the other, pull the comedones out of the skin. Along with the comedones (blackheads, here), the pore strips vacuum out skin’s natural oils. Oil isn’t always bad for your skin. Natural oils are something which helps to balance the moisture, hydration, and nourishment of your skin and it is, thus, important to retain them — or at least not disturb them. They are different than the oil that gets clogged who have a harmful content of bacteria, sebum, and dirt.

Pore strips are reliable only once or twice when you have no other option to treat your blackheads. But, when you know that blackheads can be treated by a good skin care regimen (you did not?), why to choose a product that has more cons than pros.

In a nutshell, they do work but only once or twice. Furthermore times, they’ll work as usual but —
• Chances are that you may start breaking out
• Faster pore clogging and dirtier pores
• Enlarged pores with more active sebaceous glands — more skin oils
• Breakdown of capillaries — major cause of spider veins.
And you’re done with them.

Are you still having an urge to try pore strips — at least once?

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Trying products on your skin and experimenting with it are two different things. But, there’s a little gap in between. You may get super fine results when you try a product for the first time. Why? Because the product has more impact on your skin when you use it for the first time. You do not get used to the results of a newly chosen product and so, you get more conspicuous and prevalent results. So, if you’re thinking to give pore strips a try, here are some guidelines:

• Use a trusted brand and check for reviews before buying
• Wash your face with your regular gentle cleanser before using the pore strips
• Hydrate your skin well (by splashing cold water) before using pore strips
• As soon as you strip out the blackheads and other debris, immediately dab your skin with toner and then moisturizer. If you do not do so, the pores (which are now cleansed and open) will come in contact with dirt and air and can possibly get oxidized and filled with dirt again
• Do not use a pore strip more than once
• Keep away the used pore strips away from your skin

How was your experience with pore strips? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. i usually keep it handy during travel, not otherwise, regular skin care should be of help in keeping skin free of pesky black white heads. These strips are of help while travelling,especially where you are sure to spend more than a week and roam or travel around. The change in water or weather can cause changes in skin and a simple strip and steam should do fine to avoid major acne,great information shared in post,cheers

    1. The disadvantage of pore strips is that they disturb the sebum. Sebum is a protective covering around the face. Excess sebum is not appreciated but less than needed can be bad. As quickfix, they can be used once.
      Thank you for reading! ❤

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