Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips

Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips

Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips

Being a busy mother, I hardly find time to search beauty salons in this unknown land. If at all I find out, there is none to take care of my naughty son.  So, I visit salons only during my vacation to India.

I normally visit beauty salons for three reasons like most of you, blackhead removal, threading brows and cutting hair. Tweezers are of great help to me here in shaping brows.  Though it is not as perfect as threading, I am quite satisfied.  These blackhead strips have helped me much more.  Now, I need a solution for cutting hair.  I find a lot of DIY ideas here on IMBB for cleansing and exfoliating skin.  So, I do not feel much for not being able to visit a salon 🙂

Product Description:

Product Description








25 SAR

My Experience with Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips:

Each pack consists of four nose strips, two chin and two forehead strips.  The strips perfectly fit my nose, chin and forehead area.

It is mentioned that the usage of the strip can lead to a light itchy feeling on the skin, but I had very light itchy feeling, and that too only on the nose.

I feared mainly about the removal of the strips, but it came out very easily. It removed the dirt and blackheads very effectively. I would say almost all of them (about 90%) were out.  There was no redness, but I could find a shine though it lasted for a few hours. 🙂

Nose strip

I really love this product very much..These strips work better even without steaming face.

Earlier, I was using these strips every week.  Regular usage of these strips have made my T-Zone quite clean.  So, now I use these every two weeks.

Nivea strips

Pros of Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips:

  • Effectively removes dirt.
  • Perfectly designed strips to fit each area of T-Zone.
  • No redness.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Cons of Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips:

  • Contains parabens.
  • Not easily available in India, but I came across Nivea Toner and Nivea Visage scrub on a few Indian online shopping sites recently which were not available a few years ago.  So, I think these strips will soon be available.

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

I will repurchase these strips for sure.

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18 thoughts on “Nivea Visage Refining Clear Up Strips

  1. Good review laxmi 🙂 🙂 seems to be an effective strip..
    yeah its not available here now, visage toner and scrub are available in grocery shops itself, hope it comes here soon as you said..

  2. Totally agree Rati. I love to stare at the final outcome too :). while i dont have blackheads I have many many white heads and i see that they come out too. should incoporate this into my weekly routine..thanks for the reminder..

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