Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer-Review

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer-Review

Hello ladies,

Today I am going to review something for you which you must have seen in your local beauty shop for a  few months and must have ignored it, thinking another body moisturizer. This is what happened with be me too, I have seen  this moisturizer from Veet multiple times in stores but never bothered to read what it is all about. So this one time when I went grocery shopping alone, I got more time to explore stuff and then I saw that this moisturizer is not just talking about making my skin soft, it is claiming something more than that. It claimed to slow down the hair growth of my unwanted body hair, and I was like “really is it possible”. Every lady wants soft, smooth, hair-less skin, to get that we go through the painful procedure of waxing, epilating or shaving every now and then. So if some product makes such fancy claims of reducing your unwanted hair growth, want more we can ask for. There are 3 variants of this moisturizer: All skin types, sensitive skin and normal to dry skin. I bought the “all skin types” one, it comes with shimmer particles in it.


INR95 for 90 ml

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimising Body Moisturizer

What the product claims:

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer with Shimmer for naturally radiant looking skin. It has been specially designed to noticeably slow down the appearance of hair regrowth.

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Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimising Body Moisturizer Ingredients

My experience with Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:

I was extremely excited about trying this product. I started using it after my last waxing appointment, which was 2 weeks ago. I am actually not a very hairy person :P, I have fine and light  hair on my body but the hair on my legs are a bit  darker which is the result of using a razor frequently in the past. So I always prefer waxing over shaving and go for it in the parlor every month, my hair takes almost 4 weeks to fully grow back. I started using this moisturizer from  day one of my last waxing. I used it religiously and was curious to see the results. I usually get  tiny hair which start to come after a week of waxing, but this time I did not see them at all. I was happy but I decided to wait little more before making up my mind on this lotion. I continued using it and now after two weeks I am getting few small hair like I used to get after a week of waxing without using this lotion. This was enough to prove that this thing works. It does what it claims.

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimising Body Moisturizer (7)

This lotion caused no irritation to my skin, but it wasn’t very moisturizing for the winters. I used  this moisturizer after bath and applied it and later, other body butter  as and when needed. This is light in texture (may be the one for dry skin will be more moisturizing) and had shimmer particles in it. After application my skin looked glowy with tiny shiny shimmer particles on it. I have not used shimmer on my body before (except my wedding day) but I liked this subtle shimmery glow. And the shimmer stays on skin almost all day long, until you wash it off.

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimising Body Moisturizer (4)

Over all, I am happy that this product worked. It does not stop the hair growth but it slowed down the growth, and gave me more time between two waxing sessions. Now in place of every 4 weeks I can go for waxing every 5-6 weeks which will save me more time and money.

Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimising Body Moisturizer Swatch

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Pros of Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:

• Lives up to its claim, slows down hair growth.
• New hair are lighter and softer than before.
• Gives nice shimmery glow to the skin.
• Light texture, gets absorbed into the skin easily.
• Sufficient moisture for summers.

Cons of Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:

• Not suited for very dry skin (try dry skin variant).
• Contains paraben (most of the body lotions do).

Do I recommend Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer:?

Yes, I recommend this to every lady who wants soft, smooth, hairless skin for longer. It you have normal skin and love shimmery lotions then try the same variant or else chose the variant as per your skin type.

IMBB Rating:


Will I be repurchasing Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer?

Definitely, this time a bigger bottle.


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34 thoughts on “Veet Silky Radiance Hair Minimizing Body Moisturizer-Review

  1. oh i had seen this product in the stores but was quite reluctant about its claim…good to know that it works…yippie….have to but this now now now 😀

  2. Hey Anu,
    I do not have sensitive skin so I use it in under arms and it works fine, no extra sweting an all i experienced… and skin lightening it does nothing for that

  3. Wow, this is a must-try. But the ingredients are greek to me, so just asking the beauty geeks here, it sure doesn’t have anything harmful in it, correct?

    1. it has parabeen which is not considered good dut then most of the lotion have this.
      and again product workes different from skin to skin… I don’t have sensitive skin… you can do patch test before buying it sohini… ask the SA and to put little bit of it on your arm… leave it for 1-2 hours if no irritation then it should be good for you 🙂

      1. Thanks Ankita,
        well for face I think its not good to use this as it is mentioned that it is a body mosturizer…. and this version has shimmer in it… you can try the sensitive skin one… may be that will work for face.. I am not sure though and as body lotions are not good for face so i don’t suggest it but if you want just give it a try 😀

  4. thanx Sweta.. is the ALL SKIN TYPES Variant safe to use?? and usually how many times can v apply it in a day?? or may be after bath?? pls tell.

    1. yes it is Payal.. it has shimmer in it which is not there in other verients.. so if you don’t like shimmery lotion then don’t buy other verient… and i use it only once in morning after bath… but you can use it multiple time as and when needed 😀

  5. wow.. its apt for me.. 🙂 i really fear from waxing n epilator most of the times.. 😛 seems promising pdt shweta!!

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