Vega Eyelash Curler Review

Vega Eyelash Curler Review

Hello lovely ladies,

I am going to review eyelash curler for you all today. This is from Vega; this isn’t their premium eyelash curler which is already reviewed on IMBB, this is their basic eyelash curler. This is my first eye lash curler and I did not wanted to invest in something very expensive as I was not very sure about how frequent I will be using the eyelash curler. But one thing I was sure of, that I need the curler with good handles, like we have for scissors.

vega eye lash curler

Somehow I was always scared that when the curler is on my lashes I will lose grip and will end up pulling all my lashes, I know weird though but this was my nightmare. So I had 2 criteria one that the curler should be sasta, sundar or tikau and second it should have handle like scissors. And the Vega eyelash curler fulfilled both of them and so it came in my kitty.


Rs. 80

What product claims:

vega eye lash curler

Vega eyelash curler is the finest eyelash curler available, featuring extra sturdy construction and smooth opening and closing action. With half rounded curling pad this eyelash curler will give an intense curl to leave you with flirtatious lashes. You never know you needed a perfect eyelash curler until you try one. This curler from vega does a great job of curling your lashes. Curling lashes makes your eyes look wider and brighter.

vega eye lash curler (6)

My experience with Vega Eyelash Curler:

I will second what is claimed by vega that you never know that you need a curler until you use one. Till I bought this one I never thought that I need a curler, I have long slightly curled lased which looks with when applied mascara on them. But after I used this curler I was able to see the difference. My lashes were better curled and eyes looked more open and wider for sure. So result wise I am very happy with this eyelash curler.

vega eye lash curler (5)

Now let’s talk about its construction, it’s made of steel with scissors like handles which gives very good grip. It has smooth opening and closing so one need no extra force to open and close it. It has soft rubber pads which is not harsh on lashes. In whole it’s sturdy and aesthetically designed. It also comes with an extra rubber pad which is a plus again.

vega eye lash curler (2)

I don’t use eyelash curler every day, as I feel this unnecessary pulling can make lashes week but I use it whenever I am going for some party or outing and want my eyes to look good. In whole I love this eyelash curler.

Pros of Vega Eyelash curler:

• Has smooth opening closing.
• Gives very good grip.
• Aesthetically designed and sturdy.
• Comes with extra rubber padding.
• Curls lashes wonderfully.
• Big opening makes it work well for big Indian eyes.
• Not expensive.
• Does not pull or tug the lashes.

vega eye lash curler (3)

Cons of Vega Eyelash curler:

• None.

Final verdict on Vega Eyelash curler:

It is a very sturdy and nice option for people looking for inexpensive eyelash curler which works wonderfully. I will recommend this to everyone.

IMBB Rating:


Will I be repurchasing Vega Eyelash Curler?

I think it will be my companion for long time now, but whenever needed again, I will go back to buy this one 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Vega Eyelash Curler Review

  1. i have been using the same one for about two years now and never feel the need of switching to any other brand 🙂 its definitely a 5/5! great review dear 🙂

  2. i have the premium one.. its almost the same.. you are right these are gonna stay for long 🙂 i have it since an year and its still like new 🙂
    like jomol di, i am tempted to use it now too.. i haven’t used it since quite a long time because of my laziness 😛

  3. I dont have a eyelash curler, but i am thinking of buying one for a long looooong time..
    If i buy one, it will be definitely this one only..
    I like the after and before pics.. good review sweta

  4. love your EOTD. I am eyeing on this eyelash curler since long but due to my laziness I never attempt to buy it. This review remind my of this pending work need to be done soon lolz

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