Vega Premium Eyelash Curler

Vega Premium Eyelash Curler

Vega Premium Eyelash Curler

This is my second eyelash curler. My first one was an unbranded one from Beauty Centre. When the padding on the first one tore, I went out to get a new one. I went, once again to Beauty Centre with the intent of buying the same unbranded curler again as it had worked pretty well for me. It had cost me only around Rs. 70/- and lasted a while, so I was quite willing to repurchase, but when I got there, I realized that the unbranded ones were no longer available. I asked around and someone directed me to the Vega stall. I asked the SA for an eyelash curler. She showed me two types. One was with white padding and came along with a spare pad, in case the first one tore. I decided to go with that one and was about to ask for a payment receipt when she showed me another one. This one had a black padding and came without a spare pad. So, just out of curiosity, I asked her for the price of both. To my surprise, the black one without a spare was actually more expensive than the one with the spare. I asked her the reason for this. This was when she told me that the black one was from the premium collection and supposed to be sturdier than the white one. I took both of the curlers and looked at them. I could make out that the black padding was actually a lot thicker than the white one and the white one looked really flimsy. Also, the steel on the black-pad one was shinier and seemed to be of a better quality than the one with the white pad.

So, I ended up buying the black pad one and I am quite happy with it. It is normally priced at 99/-, but I got it at a discount for Rs. 75/-.  So, I only paid 5/- more than what I had paid for the unbranded one.


I know a lot of people choose eyelash curlers depending on their eye shape, but I’ve never really had much of a problem with the two I’ve used. So, I can’t really comment on that, but if this curler does fit the shape of your eyes, then it does a damn good job of curling your eyelashes. The padding, as I have mentioned before, is extremely thick and not likely to rip/tear very soon.

It comes in this plastic package, so I can just place it upright on my dresser. Eyelash curlers have an awkward shape making it difficult to store, but with this box, it’s always easily accessible and protected.

I apologize in advance for the scary-eye pictures.


Before using the curler:


After using the curler:


After using the curler and applying mascara (I’ve used Maybelline Colossal Mascara, Washable):


-Curls lashes wonderfully.
-Easy to use.
-Made of high-grade steel (at least it seems like it).
-The cushion padding is thick and will last long.
– Packed in a box that can be quite handy.
-Very affordable pricing.
-Shouldn’t be hard to find as Vega products are usually easily available.




As you can see from the pictures, this eyelash curler curls well, lasts long, comes with a handy box and is extremely affordable. Even without discount, 99/- is a good deal for a good quality eyelash curler that will serve you well. I definitely recommend the Vega Premium Eyelash Curler to everyone. The next time you are in the market for an eyelash curler, do check this one out.

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28 thoughts on “Vega Premium Eyelash Curler

  1. i have the one from miss claire and tht one looks totally similar to this one, miss claire one isss also really good, i liked ur review! :thumbsup:

  2. never knew they cud be so effective..i have one which i never use sadly..maybe i shud try..your eyes dont look scary at all.. :lol2: :lol2: pretty cute..

  3. I have the flimsier 1…my first curler…Wen I checked these out the black 1 was nt available I think..didn’t see this 1 🙁 Next tym I am getting this..I always make sure to use tis in d morns and I must thank IMBB for introducing to such an awsum tool :love: :love: :-* :puchhi: I never knew eyelash curlers existed b4 😐

  4. Good review Manu….Vega is a very affordable brand and BTW, I have an eyelash curler, that I am scared to use :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

  5. i use oriflame…but i am not satisfied with it or maybe i got the wrong peice :worship:
    maybe i’ll buy this one next time :drool:

    thnx for the review :thanks:

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