Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer Review

Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer

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Today I will be reviewing a hand care tool by Vega. It is a nail file cum cuticle remover. For hand manicure files, trimmers, cuticle skin pushers play an important role. Read on to know about this tool.

Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer

Product Info:

Vega nail file having two-sided nickel plated surface for smooth, gentle filling of nails and cuticle trimmer to trim the dead skin along the nails with outward strokes.
How to use

File your nails and trim them to give them trendy look. Use daily to keep your nails shape in perfect shape.


Rs. 75

My Experience with Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer :

The file comes in a clear PVC pouch (which again I happened to have lost somewhere). It has a small cuticle remover at the back with a clear plastic cap on it. The protective cap keeps the tip sharp and clean. I have had really bad experiences with my previous files. Initially they all were fine, but then the filing surface started to wear off, leaving only the silver base it was attached to. I was very disappointed. Then I saw this and instantly bought it.
Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer  (6)
Vega nail file with Trimmer prepared from stainless steel material with nickel coating. The Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer is a professional quality two sided buffer. Its size makes it perfect for mobility. The file gently smoothes nails, while the cuticle trimmer removes dead skin and cuticles along the nail in easy rounded strokes. The product is specifically designed to make your hand and nails look beautiful and trendy without damaging the quality of nails
Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer
The cuticle remover helps to remove overgrown cuticles. The contoured end follows the curve of your cuticles and gently pushes them back. It has a unique precision-tested V-tip which trims cuticles gently and easily. This trimmer keeps your cuticles looking at their absolute best.
After using it for 2 months now I can say that it still has a long way to go. So if you are a pro in doing self-manicure, this tool can be really handy.
metal nail file


Pros of Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer :

• Very durable.
• Gives a smooth finish without breaking the nails.
• File does not wear off so soon.
• Cuticle trimmer efficiently removes the skin .
• Affordable.
• Easily available.
cutcile trimmer


Cons of Vega Manicure Nail File with Cuticle Trimmer:

• Made of SS which wears off very soon.
• Without plastic cap the trimmer may become unhygienic.

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  1. i have this and it is good.. *haan ji* but i am planning to buy a glass file soon… *happydance* *happydance* nicely reviewed radhika… *clap*

  2. ur review reminds me of getting a nail cuticle filer soon.. *jogging* it seems to be a skip though.. *nababana*

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