Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder Review

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder

Product Description:
Sparkling powder touches skin with golden glimmer and Dream Angels Heavenly Scent. A sensual blend of white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony. Comes in the original Gold Shimmer Gift Box.

Price: $25

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder

The Victoria Secret’s Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder is part of the Heavenly fragrance line. It has a unique packaging. It comes in an atomizer bottle style in which you press the cushion to get product out. That is my most favorite part of the whole product, seems very classy. It comes in a classy transparent sleek powder and you can see the yellow golden powder inside. In order to dispense the shimmer product, you press the cushion, in which it will let out air along with light shimmer powder. The packaging it comes in is also very cute. It is the perfect gift box in which you lift the flap in order to reveal the product. The scent is very mild, nothing too intense, which is a good thing because if you want to apply this over your perfume, the scents will not mix together. The small hints of smell are of the ‘Heavenly’ scent collection in VS. It’s a very florescent scent with added hints of vanilla.


When you press the cushion you get the perfect amount of shimmer. Though I must warn, when I first used this I pushed the cushion part way too many times because I couldn’t see actual shimmer coming out but when I looked at myself in bright light, I had gotten way too much all over me. Of course, that was entirely my fault and carelessness, cannot blame the product. Usually with those atomizer bottles, you get way too much product since you cannot really control it but with this, just the right amount of product comes out. Also, the shimmer powder is not too overwhelming, it is very unnoticeable and will sparkle only when light hits (unless you apply a lot). Usually, shimmer can look very tacky and just too much over the top but this particular shimmer powder makes it look like there is shimmer within the skin (hehe excuse my poetic self). The color of the shimmer is golden and will not overwhelm your look. I am not a “shimmer powder” person, I never used or owned a shimmer powder before this particular one. So, I was not sure how to apply it and where to apply it. I did some research online and it recommend to put it on the neck and chest area and I did just that. I don’t use this regularly, only when I am going to a party or something of that sort. This also lasts throughout the whole night and will come off with a makeup removing wipes and even a simple wet towel. The only con I can think of is the price. $25 is too much just for simple shimmer powder. Overall, this is a very simple product and there is nothing that I can complain about.


Pros of Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder

-Cute packaging
-Mild scent, doesn’t over power.
-Gives out perfect amount of shimmer.
-Perfect gift.
-Shimmer looks very beautiful and natural, not tacky.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder


IMBB Rating:5/5

Would I recommend Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder?
Yes, if you are into shimmer powders then this is a must try. There is nothing bad I can tell you about this product except the price. It does exactly what it claims.



Would I repurchase Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Heavenly Shimmer Powder?
I would love to repurchase this but I do not think I will ever finish this since I do not use it that much.

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