VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil Review

VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil Review

Hi Dolls,

I have always been a hair freak, not that I am not a makeup freak or skin care freak.  Let’s just say I am a freak for all things beauty. I managed to lay my hands on a hair fall oil as everyone in my family was complaining about it and it was becoming a family issue. So, I offered help and bought this hair fall oil.


Product Description:

An excellent herbal blend of Brahmi and Amla that helps stop premature hair fall and greying. Brahmi is known for its proven hair growth promoting properties; it also strengthens hair follicles by improving blood circulation so that they get proper nourishment. Amla extract acts as hair tonic, strengthening hair roots and reduces hair fall.


Rs. 130 for 100 ml.


Soya Bean Extract, Brahmi Extract, Amla Extract, Bhringraj Extract, Jatamansi Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Wheat Germ Oil.


My Experience with VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil:

Girls, just have a look at the ingredients list.  I mean with such lovely and potent ingredients who on earth will not buy this product and so did I, but I was still kind of skeptical about its performance because I have not used anything from this brand earlier. Now whenever my brother looks at this bottle, he makes fun of me and my mother just can’t stop smiling.

It just doesn’t work on hair fall, no matter what. You heat the oil or you marinate your hair in this one, no results at all. Well, the fragrance is very mild, nice and spa like, I can’t use it as a massage oil.

Hair fall

It works as a regular oil that will soften your hair and mend dryness, but hair fall repair claim by the company is completely a gimmick. I will not comment on the other products of this brand, but this one is not true to its claims. Don’t expect any miracles, it’s just regular oil with nice ingredients which can condition your hair. I would say if you need to condition hair, just stick with our age old tradition of using pure coconut oil it will give far better results than this one.

Hair fall oil

Pros of VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil:

  • Nice ingredients.
  • Lovely mild fragrance.
  • Smoothes dryness.
  • Easy to wash out.
  • Non-sticky.

Cons of VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil:

  • Doesn’t stop hair fall.
  • Just a regular oil.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil?

No, will stick to my Kama Oil or plain coconut oil.

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19 thoughts on “VLCC Hair Fall Repair Oil Review

  1. Aaw..sad it wouldn’t work even if you marinate your hair with it! 😀 You’ve got such a great sense of humour nidhi.. I will stay away from this one..

  2. Ohh Nidhi…thats sad….I always drew my eyes on this one but neva bought it….thank you so much for this review!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Agreed. VLCC n Garnier (except the cooling effect of its ye roll-on) have never worked for me.. and if I leave essential oils, then aroma magic also 🙁

      1. hellozz J and Surbhi …howz u both… boohoho it’s such a dud.. but thankfuly was dirt cheap …. i agree with both.. vlcc and garnier… complete no no for me too now … but yup the tinted eye roll of garnier is one of my fav and goto concealer 🙂

    1. helloz sahiba 🙂 .. me goooood … had loads of fooood today and chilled … how hv u been .. whr r ur OTTD gurl.. ??

      1. me also mast nidhi… 🙂 🙂 loads of food???? mere liye b bhejo.. 😛 😛 hehe… will send in ootds soon… both western and ethnic ones.. 🙂 **hugs**

  3. marinating hair in oil!! hehee! loved the review. wud stay away from this dud. i think olive oil with vit E oil from capsule works wonders.

    jomol, one request plz, gujratis make a hair oil which have lots of herbs and all. it is very effective in all hair problems. can u plz ask imbb writers if sum1 knows the recipe 🙂

    1. hello Jyoti .. glad u liked the review.. it’s no good for hair … yup i agree oilive and vit E is the best for hair and even coconut oil has wondorous effect on hair 🙂 thank you 🙂 .. GUJU’z oil even i wanna know

  4. Nice review Nidhi and looking at the fascinating ingredient list anyone would fall for it even if they weren’t wearing heels. Liked the way you have incorporated humour into the write up. Are you an Aries by any chance

    1. thank you so much NIdhi … glad u like it … ahhaha yup without heels .. good one… u ain’t bad at humour too…all Nidhiz are sooooo fun know hahahah … my BFF is aries… so that could be one reason :-)… thanks again sweeti

  5. VL*C products have never ever worked for me – no wonder this one turned out to be a dud either! The only good thing I have heard about them are their mani pedi kits. Good review and thanks for the word of caution.

    1. Hola Aarbee.. howz u ?? .. thank you .. me glad u liked it … wil try meni pedi kits..yup VLCC ..bad… thankiess gain.. tc 🙂

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